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feel not being disclose my whole dx

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Is this a request that was made just to you by the therapist or to a lot of people at the group?

It could be they just got you mixed up with someone.

Some therapists are strongly disposed to see multiplicity in their patients, even if it may not be there. (Likewise, some therapists refuse to even consider the possibility.)

The best thing to do might be to speak directly with your therapist about your concerns (e.g., I've never had it suggested I'm DID before, are you saying I have DID, why do you think this, if I do what would it mean for me, etc.).

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This is from my own personal therapist, not the group.

I just felt weirded out how so casually brought up to draw my circles then we could, "discuss my alters", her words, when never disscussed so before, but yeah it was kind of danced around by her, but i would ignore it.

We do not do big group things such as that especially as you said dealing with DID, eating disorders etc.at McLeans.

At McLeans more is being suggested to me to being setted up for being tested, and meeting with therapist in charge of that, at McLeans.

Again I been unrecepted.

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