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I'm allowed to be in a bad mood!


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I'm allowed to be in a bad mood. No really, I am. Why don't the people close to me get this? My best friend, I love her to death, but she is driving me absolutely insane. I fully admit that I've been edgy and irritable and snippy and overly sensitive and defensive. It's not like I'm in denial about it. Constantly reminding me only makes me feel worse. You're not telling me anything I don't know, and if I could do something about it, don'tcha think I would?

It doesn't mean that I need my meds adjusted just because I've been in a bad mood for a couple of weeks. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. I certainly don't know and that's why I have an appointment to see my pdoc on Saturday--so I can tell him everything that's going on and see what he thinks. But sometimes stuff just sucks, and when enough stuff is sucky, even the calmest person might get a little pissy. Along the same lines, stop asking me if I took my meds today. I'm a big girl. I'm very good at keeping track of what medications I take and when. I'm not the person who let her cymbalta, xanax and ambien scripts all run out at the same time for two whole weeks.

She should know that psych meds aren't magical happy pills. The fact that I'm feeling anything, even anger and frustration and disappointment and uncertainty, tells me my meds are doing some of what they should. All things being equal, I'll take anger over apathy and self doubt any day. At least anger is motivating.

To my best friend who doesn't know about this site and will never read this: please please, just for a few minutes, put aside your psychology student hat and just be my friend for a little while. Stop trying to solve and psychoanalyze everything. Just agree with me that stuff sucks and leave it at that for now. Mmkay? Thanks.

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