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currently on 200 mg a day. so far no mania and not as depressed as before but still not feeling up to par.would an increase

up to 300mg possibly help? anyone else found the magic spot at 300 or above?



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On another thread I addressed this...

I have read many times that 200mg of Lamictal is the "theraputic" dosage for this medication. I can tell you from experience everyone is different. I have taken up to 500mg of it in the last 3 years and have gone up and down the scale depending on which antidepressant I was on. I CAN say that with every increase in the Lamitcal I felt the 'lift' that was needed and it would last a few months...

That magic spot will be different for you and your life style with other medications you take as well...Good luck with your dosages and hang in there. I say ---- these med's are all trial & error -- we will find one to work for a long time and one to work only month's before it is a time for change.....Most important is we are willing to work with ourselves for change....

Keep your head up ;)

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would an increase up to 300mg possibly help?

I am on 250. When we went up to 300, I got terribly manic. So we remained at 250 where it works perfectly.

I think there is a blood test that will tell you if it's working or not. I remember having a low test result, but we decided that the 250 was a working therapeutic dose for me.

But, of course, ymmv


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i know you're male, but for females, it depends on your birth control as well. for those of us ladies on the combined hormone birth control pill or another form of estrogen-based birth control (no data yet on the ring, which i use), you need to take double the lamictal for the same effect. this is in a lot of studies. they may have tossed it around and argued it by now, but my pdoc is much more comfortable having his female patients who fit this catergory on the double dose. my uncle is a senior pharmacist and confirmed this for me. so at least right now, they think this is the case.

400mg works wonders for me. 200mg was candy. they DO have evidense showing that 400mg is beneficial for some people, just not at the height of the statistical bell curve. it is less common and more rare, but there are those who need more than 200mg. no problem- he upped it once he knew i was on the pill, and it just worked so much better.

life is happy on the right dose of lamictal. i credit it for keeping me out of the grave. i only wish my dad had had lamictal, because maybe he'd still be here today.

so- don't give up on it easily, because it has the potential to be life saving and very beneficial. i'm sure you know that along with lithium, lamictal is the only drug OFFICIALLY approved by the FDA as a mood stabilizer.

good luck-

loon ;)

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Because of that whole girly hormones thing discussed above by the CBer females, they might not see a good effect until 400mg... or even more, in a case I've seen.

I'm a guy, but I needed 400mg for both mood-stabilizing AND antidepressant effects to fully kick in. I forget which kicked in first, though, I noticed something significant at 200mg and my best response at 400mg. Maybe I'd get better above 400mg, but it's just unwise to dork with dosages like that (especially w/us guys, talk to your pdoc).

You might be one of those types who tends to get things metabolized and/or out of his system quickly. The compound, aka lamotrigine, has such a bizarre metabolism and excretion profile that your mileage will vary depending on hormones, sex, kidney function, liver function, genetics, the weather, the phase of the moon, and the disposition of your mother-in-law (if applicable).

Although I don't have a mother-in-law at all, I know I need a higher dose of Lamictal than most men do, and that's probably since my kidneys (and to some extent) my liver tend to operate in turbo mode much of the time, and have done so ever since I was born.

Hell, most sources say that you can't even get a consistent blood level of lamotrigine even dependent on the dose you take!! (My blood level, at 400mg dosing, varies between 30% and 50% of the maximum therapeutic level of lamotrigine... and don't ask me where they get a 'maximum therapeutic level' value from.)

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yeah, as Herrfous pointed out, there are so many variables in lamictal blood levels and tolerance/operation within the body that you could be taking the same amount and get certain results one day and the next, something totally different. i face that sometimes. like HF, i have to take an antidepressant. i also take abilify for those manic moments ;) .

200mg is probably candy. talk to your pdoc about going up. epileptic people take way higher doses than bipolar people, so we know it won't hurt you. trying a higher dose, just to try it, can only be seen as an experiment. either you get something out of it or you don't. but whatever happens, it answers your question.

best of luck. lamictal is a wonder drug. but like lithium, the doses are really touchy and vary a lot. i can feel it from day to day as well, and i take 400mg.

remember that lithium and lamictal are the only drugs officially FDA approved for mood stabilization, while others are successfully used off lable for it. both drugs are touchy, but very effective.

have you considered adding lithium if you need it? that's a very strong (but difficult to manage) combo. think about it if lamictal isn't cutting the cake after you raise it.

loon :)

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