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I hadn't heard the term before and was suprised to find listings for it, but it is quite descriptive.

It's important to understand that even though the term "psychosis' is used, it does not mean that a true mental disorder is the cause. Rather it describes a general behavior with numerous potential causes. General illness, sleep deprivation, medicine side effects, stress can all be contributors. Unless the patients behavior is dangerous or uncontrollable, the doctor is probably not going to use sedatives or psychoactive drugs to 'chemically straight jacket' him. It's important for the doctors to be attentive the underlying causes.

My mom is also in ICU right now, and yesterday probably fit the description of ICU psychosis. She was agitated, disoriented and not very well responsive, and had not been sleeping well. The doctor directed that she was to have enforced and medicated sleep last nite. Strong sleep med, enforced darkness, no visitors (tossed my dad out). Hopefully she will be better this morning.

I hope your loved one gets better soon.

best, a.m.

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