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who else is BPII and has info

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I'm looking for info, experiences etc with BPII. ( besides Dr Phelps- already read that)

I was depressed and anxious and ptsd for so long, i guess recently i had what could be described as a mixed episode. Also i guess the depression symptoms with BPII are somewhat atypical and treatment resistant. so with this cluster of symptoms i get a new label- how about you??

one more thing- ever feel so medicated that you can't feel? I keep feeling like i'm about to burst into tears and then i can't cry- this has been going on a lot for a while.

will this ever settle down and stop running my life???

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Look at the top of the BP forum at the pinned resources post. I've got dozens of links of all sorts.

1. Go buy The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide by Miklowitz. It is the single best book on BP. only about $13 from Amazon.

Untreated bipolars spend an average of 53% of the time depressed, and less than 10% manic/hypo. The depression is NOT atypical, and there is no reason to expect it to be treatment resistant. The meds do work, but remember your brain didn't get this way overnight. It won't be healed overnight either. But things should get better for you.

Yes sometimes the meds have made me feel flat, particularly when I first started out. But with a little time I got used to the meds. You may need an adjustment. Hope you feel better.


p.s. Come around later and I'll give you the password and secret handshake!.

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Yeah, what she said!!

Seriously, its a crapshoot when it comes to figuring out what meds work best for you, so don't give up--and if something is working, DO NOT let anyone, especially your pdoc, talk you into changing, or "trying this". If it works, it don't need fixin! Yes, some of the meds have their down sides--like feeling "flat" orhaving decreased motivation--but hey--if I am not weeping hysterically every 20 minutes, or having an anxiety attack that would crack bones, or so hyper my brain is going 900 miles an hour--I guess I'l take flat and un-motivated.

I went thru that about 18 months ago with a really nutty group of pdocs who just liked to play around with meds, I think--and I was too depressed and demoralized to stand up to them. I ended up in the hospital (briefly--self-admit) as a result. Found a good doc, he put me back on what worked, and I'm pretty OK. Have some mometns, and the usual anxiety--and every now and then one of those lovely "mixed states" we BPII's are prone to. But I can function, and don't want to off myself or others (well, the others thing is questionable, considering where I live, but thats another story)

No, you won't get "well"=-sorry, your brain is just wired funny, and the quicker you learn to live with that, the better. Hate to sound harsh, but its true--don't waste your time or energy trying to get "well"--work on being able to function as well as you possibly can for as long as you can. Hey, he who rides tiger does not ask where tiger is going (My dad's favorite sentiment, Budhist that he was)


Altho my pdoc swears I am JUST ADD and all this is part of that, I still think that if it looks like a duck, and cycles like a duck--its a fucking duck. But I have also decided that spending days and hours worrying about and looking up various diagnoses, and meds, and all that simply meant I was "being crazy for a living"--and it didnt pay worth shit. So now--you can call me Bob, or you can call me Robert--or--well, you get the picture. Crazy by any other name--

I just want to feel better and I will stick with what works, and refuse to waste my "valuable" time being professionally batshit.

Just a thought--but we want you to keep posting, and remember there is nothing you can tell us that will shock or horrify us, and nothing we havn'et done, been thru, etc. etc. This group of mentally interesting folk are the best resounce I havein this world--hope you find it the same.

china, she who cannot spell OR type, a deadly combo--try to read it phonetically--

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one more thing- ever feel so medicated that you can't feel? I keep feeling like i'm about to burst into tears and then i can't cry- this has been going on a lot for a while.

wow. This is exactly how I feel at times.

I've never heard anyone else describe it, and when I try to tell others, they don't understand.

I can relate to what you're saying. I'm not sure if it's from feeling overmedicated or when I'm having

some depression. I know that it's not permanent.

After 15 years of having the distinction of being labeled dysthymic and then with major depression,

I had one hell of a mixed episode and when the pdoc put my history together, I was re-labeled


Med adjustments can take a long time. My doc's been working on mine for over a year now.

and I'm almost okay where I'm at.

Besides getting the right meds, your adjustment to the side effects

comes with time, too.

I'm starting to get some of my word recall and my memory is getting better.

I don't expect it will ever be ''normal', but neither will I.


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