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gotta love bill maher

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I love Bill Maher (as long as he's not talking about women- his views there are kind of mostly fucked) and have been watching him since he was on Comedy Central. For awhile my mom taped them for me and now my sister has on demand, so she lets me go over there and watch them.

I like new rules as a segment. Haha. I think it's one of the funniest parts of the show, usually.

Very well-said. It's such a deflection: we're blatantly fucking up the country, so let's accuse everyone who doesn't agree with us of being unpatriotic!

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i just love bill maher, except as becca said, when he's talking about women (and then i want to start a slug fest),

but i must be unpatriotic. because i disagree with certain policies, there you go, i'm an america hater. go figure.

it isn't about debate where we are all contributing through our unique views, it is just one view imposed on us, with name calling if we don't agree.

i want certain people to grow up.

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