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Didn't work for me


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The pdoc doing my ECT's (She's a hospitalist without an outside practice) does more than anyone else in town. She told my regular pdoc that they are not working for me and we have to keep trying a medicine-based solution. I saw my regular pdoc this morning and she increased my Lamictal (working our way back up to 200 mg.) and started my on 60 Mg. Cymbalta. I had to go two weeks with no antidepressant because we had to clear the selegeline (ENSAM patch) out of my system completley first. I've been crying for no reason and feeling pretty depressed, though better than when I went in the hospital. Anyway, the ECT's started out great for me, but the length of the effect went down rapidly until I was only getting one really good day out of each treatment.


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