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i'm not kidding, have you tryed to play along with your voices?Can you get rid of them?Try doing what they say you to do. usually is go or do it , do it really, solve questions with real actions, do what you thinking.

i allways heard i gave you everything , well now i have my own money,is nobody's business, that frase is gone.

i always heard what about your money?, i gave it all after death, i've made a will (that thing you give everything after death).

i heard kiss me from women, sometimes i did it, most of those women are my ex-girlfriends now (the ones i've kissed)

i heard i want a kid, well, as you know none of us wants another passing trough hell, so i've started helping the others, specially the ones in need, i'm partner and/or donator of several charity institucions, well sometimes i still do hear i want a kid but now i hear just following how many do you want?

sometimes i hear what about Christ? fortunally my will was to a christian church (lucky bastard, i was thinking they would help kids in hunger, anyway is to christ, so...

i'm trying to help you as you see, don't take me wrong, just do it, stop hearing phrases you don't want, they annoy you leading you to anger, you close yourself the most possible and all that leads you to depression, you know the way, you've done it a lot of times, that's suicide, it seems the best way, but do you haves the nerves...? so, you open and accept it a bit to come up again and it satrts all over again. you got to do it ( or at least try to).

P.S- analyse the results and decide witch voice will you start to pay attention to!

Best regards Ricardo

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I don't deal with voices.........however I do deal with my own negative thinking.

I think that the more one resists something, the stronger it becomes.

The more I don't want to hate myself, the more I don't want to be critical of myself, the more I end up doing those things.

If I stop and accept that I'm being critical of myself, that somehow helps me to be less critical.

Acceptance is a difficult life lesson to learn.

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DD has seen three psychiatrists - all have told her the same thing - do NOT buy into your psychosis. The key to health is to not be an active participator and to consciously force yourself to see them for what they are - psychosis. That is easier said than done if one gets swept into the depths of psychosis but if you have the conscious thought of what to do then you have some power over them. I don't have psychosis, I acknowledge that. I don't know what you all go through. But I can tell you, honestly, that as an outsider, I see what happens when my dd starts to buy in....and it's a pattern of downward spiral. We work really hard at staying in reality....and she does quite good at it herself until she gets emotionally and physically tired of it. Even now, with the onset of delusions that she's never really had - she with think, for a moment, that they are real and then she'll get a glimmer of knowing that it's a delusions. I tell her to grab on to the knowledge that it's a delusion and don't let go. It seems to work with her. I'm sure there are doctors that will tell you to "talk back" or whatever but this is just what the three that we've seen have all said - in almost the exact same words.

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