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her name was lola...

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Thanks, just really *needed* that song in my head...

lol, sorry ;)

I get that song stuck in my head all the time, IDK why.

don't look at the intro post that I just did then, I used the same title (I forgot I'd used it a few days ago, bleh, short term memory sucks lately) -- there are muuuuch worse things to have stuck in the head tho!

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It's true that she was a brilliant showgirl. I am really impressed to listen that song and also I like it.




[EDIT: Commercial advertising link removed per CB user agreement. AirMarshall 11:01a.m EDT 7/21/04]

VE rules link permissible. a.m. 13:46.

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whoa-- this post is from when I joined more than a year ago, that was so wierd to see it back in the new posts.

it's almost like a baby picture



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