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A message for democrats- no republican debates , p

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;)   :) I just wanted to inform any democratsor anybodywho is not happy withtheBush administration, the war in Iraq, the destruction of the value of

education in this country, that there is an organization for pro-active change out there. It can be accessed bythe following website- MOB.org 

Mothers opposing Bush(fathers or anyone else who cares is free to help our cause). This organization offers opportunities for groups and/or individuals to start their own grass-roots organization in order to save thefuture of our children. It is gaining in power and has accomplised some great causes through various means.

Also, I highly recommend reading Hunter S. Thompson's last book.


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Hey Mel...I'm anti politics all together...but I do LOVE Hunter.  Go figure.  Bush can go suck and egg!  Or as Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko says "Go suck a Fuck!"  He's screwed around long enough.  He's screwed around with social security (which I'm on) and now he's fucking with Welfare.  The bastard is driving me up the walls!  I'm tired of going to my parents house all the time for dinner because I don't get enough help from Welfare to supply food for myself and have to watch my father's wonderful news networks.  I hope to God!  The Higher Powers that Be!  The God and Goddess, whoever is in charge up there, that the next President won't fuck us low life creatures who can't work because of our health problems.  I'm tired of it all!  I want our men and women OUT of that war!  Focus on our own damn country for once dammit!

Now that that's out of my system, I suppose I should go and get ready to go and watch the news networks with my family since it's almost dinner time.  I hate being poor.  I hate not having food.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!  I would love to send Bush a letter telling him how sick I am and what can he do for me?  Like he'd answer me.  He's too busy with trying to make peace and helping women and children in other countries than to give a damn about a 30 something year old dying of a terminal kidney disease and starving to death in his own country.  Jerk!

Sorry once again.  It's this damn rapid cycling shit.  Better go take my Klonopin before heading to my parents.  I might turn into a possessed demon while I'm up there if I don't.

Mel, I do forgive you, if you didn't get my message about that whole misunderstanding about the absinthe.  You're a real sweetie, just so you know that.  So, truce???


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Guest Guest_stipple_*

i am too much into politics and get more leftest /liberal/progressive with age.I wouldn't trade my misserable life with a neocon turd maggot for anything even though they are a large part of my missery i plan on stopping thier fascistic theocratic mandate even though they are holding most of the chips. sorry,went off there,but you probably get it.  ;)

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