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feeling lousy on adderall

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I started Adderall a week and a half ago- pretty good first few days. I slept better, thought better, was more organised, got more done. Now, I feel like crap.  I take 10 mg when I get up, and then feel awful at noon so I take another 5 or 10 mg. But I could still sleep- and could sit all day and read The Best of Craigslist.

Pdoc prescribed Adderall XR but I haven't gotten it yet- insurance needs preauthorisation for anyone over 18, so maybe tomorrow I'll get it.

in the meantime- I can't get off my butt except for bursts. I could go lie down right now. I want to do stuff with my kids but am wasting my summer- can't get them to the pool or out on a bike ride.

dog just died- maybe I'm still depressed. Had surgery 2 mos ago- still hurts- maybe that's why I'm lazy.

I take 20 mg Lexapro too.

My head feels fussy, my breath feels hot- food is not interesting.

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I guess this stuff is different for everyone. It lasts maybe up to 8 hours for me, and I don't feel to bad when it runs low. I wonder if there's more than one generic? Hope you get something to work right. Maybe a different stim?

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