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Cut after Injection In same arm?

Guest wishestoremainanonymous

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Guest wishestoremainanonymous

OK so I might just be being stupid, but yesterday I had a Tetanus/diptheria/polio injection in my left arm (still very achey but then again I'm a total wimp lol) and for whatever reason I got really emotional and upset today and I just had the urge to cut myself with a razor blade. It wasn't a massive cut, enough to draw blood and leave a mark, but not like a major slit down my arm

Anyway I'm probably just a paranoid mess, but this doesnt effect my injection in any way does it? I assume what was injected has already passed through my body but I have a tendency to worry about these things

And its a shame because I hadnt cut for so long :) but I was back at school today which was very stressful

But anyway anyone been in a similar situation? Am I stupid and unlogical to worry? ;)

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