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Scales Tip In Favor of Antidepressants for Children

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On the one hand, I think it's incredibly important to treat depression in children as proactively as in adults - just because they're kids doesn't mean it's somehow less painful!!!

On the other hand, no mention of antidepressants flipping bipolar kids/adults into mania or hypomania? I bet Jim Phelps (of psycheducation.org, for those not familiar with it) is irked.

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just my non-psych educated opinions and observations-

i was a kid on psych drugs and would have either killed myself or been killed without them. they saved my life.

there is the kindling theory which i think is true, that our untreated episodes become worse with time. to that extent, it would be important to treat children who are depressed.

also, why let someone be depressed, do poorly in school, not achieve their potential, and generally have a worse quality of life than other kids just because he or she is depressed and meds are allegedly bad for kids? i'd rather take my chances. i'm 28 and haven't died yet from childhood drug ingestion.

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