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Prozac users...tell me your experiences

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Hey there,

I am in the process of being AD free. It have been over a month of being off of Lexapro. (10mg)

It worked great for me except that I gained a ton of weight on it!

I am still just feeling like hell and have a feeling deep down that I simply need the meds.

I have been doing some reading and have noticed Prozac is the weakest of the AD.

WHy this interests me is that my pdoc feels I have a highly sensitive htp center.

What are your experiences with Prozac? Did you gain alot of weight on it? How long did it take to kick in?



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I have taken the big three SSRIs: Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft.  Zoloft and PAxil wqorked for OCD and anxiety at high doses, but did nothing for my horrible depression.  Prozac however worked like a dream for my depression! It took around 3 weeks to kick in, and I was actually able to enjoy simple things like strolling down the street on a nice sunny day.

Unfortunately, unlike Zoloft and Paxil, it killed me from the waist down.  I had to switch back to Zoloft and am now on Effexor.

Prozac may be the weakest, but it can be more effective than the more potent SSRIs.  I was only on 40mg as well.  I was on it for about 6 weeks.

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