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How do I get through this time

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It's happened again. It was inevitable knowing my life. I've slid down that slippery slope back into the pits of hell.

How do I get through it this time. Just waiting till my tdoc appointment on monday.

I have no purpose to be on this earth right now. The roof over my head that I'm renting is under threat of being taken away from me. Unless an investor buys it to rent out I have to be out of here. I just want to stay here, I like it here, I'm settled here. I can't go through having to find another place. A place where I'll be happy will be hard to find.

So I'm just waiting, waiting.

Waiting to see if I will have to move.

Waiting for my tdoc appointment.

I'm feeling like crap and can only lie in bed day and night. I have no purpose in life. I can recognise the symptoms, I'm depressed again. How do I get through it this time, resisting the urge again to just end it. I have no one to turn to. Nobody to help me. I'm in this alone. Maybe I'm better off if I just disappear. Maybe the world would be a better place without me. Nobody would miss me that's for sure. Not sure anybody would care if I was alive or dead. I have no life.

I want to see what it's like on the other side. ;) It's sure to be better than it is here.

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I'm feeling the same way, just in the last couple days. For the last 6 months or so I've been doing a lot better than I was before, but now I'm starting to feel crappy again, like there's no purpose in waking up or doing anything. It especially sucks because I've got finals coming up in about 10 days, and I need to be able to focus and study but can't. I'm taking Cymbalta 60mg a day right now. Not sure if I should change meds or what.

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Some ideas:

  • Call your pdoc and tell them that things have got worse
  • Try to make sure you eat something (however small) three times a day
  • If you can bear it, get some shoes on, grab a watch, walk out of your door for seven minutes, then walk back again.
  • Make sure you don't have an excess of meds/knives in the house, take them to a friends house is necessary
  • Listening to music helps me, as does journalling
  • Pampering yourself, like having a nice long bath, doing your nails, lighting a scented candle,reading a good book can help
  • Call a helpline local to you and get your feelings off your chest
  • Call any family or friends that you have
  • Post here till things get a bit better

Hope any of this helps.

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Thanks Karuna, Libby.

I ended up getting a bottle of wine and drinking most of it, then fell asleep.

Today I feel like my body just needs a rest and recover so I don't care if I spend the day in bed.

I'm just going to try to put my worries out of my mind until the time comes that I need to deal with things.

That's bad though, to just ignore things. But it's the better option right now.

All I can do is pray that the place is sold to an investor and that I can stay.

That, and pray that I get the job I applied for.

If only life was as easy as that.

These are the desired solutions.

Pity though that life never goes how you want it to.

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depression for me tends to come in waves (well, being bipolar no duh, but when in depression mode it gets better, then worse, then better, then worse...you know).

you're probably riding a wave right now. be careful with it. take everyone's advice on the subject. there are a lot of good ideas out there.

do you have friends and family who understand who you can talk to? this kind of help is one of the cornerstones of wellness for the MI.

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