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Bupriopion AM or PM?

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When do you take your Wellbutrin?

I just started two weeks ago (starting to feel slightly OK!) and take it in the morning along with a little Prozac.

Lately I'm feelin spacy in the day/racy at night. Anyone else share this experience?

I think I might be an odd duck in that I take it at night. I'm currently on 450mg of the XL (well, to be specific: 300mg generic ER? and 150mg wellbutrin xl) and it's never made me racy or given me a lot or too much energy--BUT I take 100mg zoloft with it so that might be holding down the energetic feeling that people seem to get. The first week I was on WB (this time last year, 300mg) I slept almost all day everyday, and eventually got over that, but I don't notice any difference in my energy levels when taking it at night versus morning. Once I go off of the zoloft completely, I'm going to try taking it in the morning again to see if it can give me a boost of energy and I'll get back to you ;) but until then, if I were you I would just keep on taking it as soon as you wake up in the morning so it works for the daytime and starts wearing off before nighttime hits. The ER formula is supposed to be the equivalent of wellbutrin XL (extended release) and is made to last for most of the day.

Keep talking to your doctor about all this, you didn't say what dose you're on but if you're getting a mood boost but still feel too racy then you *might* be able to go down a notch (like if you're on the usual 300mg, you might be able to get the mood boost with less side effects at 150mg). Goodluck!


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Guest Guest_fettered2freedom_*

Yeah I'm only on 100mg!! Its because they think I'm bipolar, which is so unfair...

Anyways, I'm going today and will ask to titrate up. I'm interested in your focalin experience, so keep me posted. I think my former adderall script really messed with my depression, but the ADD is fucking unbearable. Then, ADD leads to anxiety which leads to depression... which.... ARG

anyways!! good luck

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