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do stimulants make pain worse?

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i'm on concerta 27mg and strattera 25mg. i have been having recurring lower back pain due to a possible herniated disc (waiting for MRI results). lately i've been resorting to smoking pot and/or sneaking some of my mom's old dental surgery medication (darvocet) in order to calm the nerves in my lower back down. i do yoga 3x per week as well as ellipticals once or twice a week and have been getting in great shape, but no matter what i do my back won't cooperate, and the pain is very bad at times.

i'm wondering..... can stimulants such as Concerta make your nerves worse, in a purely physical sense? i.e. is my back pain worse because i'm on Concerta? i feel like it's a stupid questoin but i just had to ask.

thanks in advance

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personal and non scientific answer:


when i was on adderal i noticed my neuropathic pain was much worse, to the point where i did not want to take my adderal. (for some reason when i switched to dexidrine the problem went away, thankfully.)

have you talked to your doctor about this?

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