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i'm screaming within but my brain won't let me speak

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Please help me guys, i'm so confused, can't recognise my own emotions/if i am feeling anything at all. i'm on auto pilot, i'm not functioning with any feeling or deep thought as my brains shut off my body-heart-soul to just basics. the thing is i know i'm not not having a breakdown again as i know i'm still there somewhere, i just cannot come out no matter how determined i am . i cant express myself as i can't remember &or decide if i am recognising things correctly but yet i haven't lost confidence/faith in myself. :) . its like i'm a foreigner that my brain doesn't understand. i'm extr' certain i'm dyspraxic & desperate to get diagnosis but don't know what to say & if i should see gp or pdoc? pdoc has sent me away 4 another month on cymbalta b4 trying meds suited to adhd (he thinks prob had as child resulting in present troubles) i need to do something asap as i'm losing the battle for sanity & i've never been this astray from real world in 12yrs ive been dealing with menhealth. am shi**ing it. your advice will be so important to me right now. (Ps has taken me over an hour to type this! the irony makes me blimmin laugh i suppose!) ;)

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Thisis why you have a pdoc--call him. Fuck the 4 months, if you can't function, you need to see him.

A "breakdown" doen't mean you've left the building, just that you're not sure what room you wandered off into.

I know the "real me" is inside here, but day after day, she gets further lost in the maze, trying to get out.

Call the pdoc=--make him earn his keep.

You don't jhave to be this miserable--


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