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Tootsie is back.

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I knew something was up... I started staying in bed later and later and later... couldn't get to sleep of an evening and the nightmares showed up again.

Yeah.  Constantly tired.  Sad.  Hopeless. 

Now, I've got a question or two for ya'll.  When I was Dx'd as being BP, the doc had me look at three little charts, all representing my moods.  They kinda looked like a series of peaks and valleys with a baseline in the middle.  One was obviously representing BPI, as the lines were WAAAAY up and down and all over the place.  The next one had very small peaks and valleys underneath the baseline mood... representing depression.  And then there was the hypomanic chart, which was mainly low but had some peaks slightly above baseline.  Doc asked me which one I was, and I pointed to the depressed chart.

One thing I do know... I am irritable as fuck.  I refer to myself as terminally cranky.  And I know that irritability/anger/rage can be a sign of (hypo)mania. 

Now, that being said... I have no energy.  I hardly EVER have any energy, and I never require less than 8 or 9 hours of sleep.  Period.

Doc was telling me that when I got myself around to enrolling in school, it was a sign of me going hypomanic.  Part of me can see this, part of me thinks I just got my head above water and out of the sea of depression.  I didn't think I was going to take 27 hours a semester or win any sort of astonishing academic award... I enrolled for 15 hours, knowing I could drop a class if I felt overburdened.

And yes, maybe I needed less sleep, but if going from 14 hours of sleep to 9 hours of sleep is an indication of me going hypomanic?  Well, that just doesn't seem right.

The only time I'm even remotely productive is when I'm "hypomanic", and although I might be more irritable at those times, it's generally an irritability along the lines of, "Get out of my way, I need to get this done before I go back to being a sloth."

Perhaps my thinking is a bit cloudy right now, but things are going to hell and I need to get a grip on where this is going. 

This utter lack of energy at all times is debilitating.  I have no energy in general, so this decrease is like a waking death.  Yes, I'm feeling guilty... like I should be able to hop up and be all productive... but I also feel like I'm pinned to this chair and I'm going to start crying at any minute.

IF a person is major depressive disorder, not BPII, and the person is on mood stabilizers, what's that do to 'em?

I'm currently on Wellbutrin XL 300... does the fact that I'm dipping back into depression mean I need to be on a regular AD as well?

Any input greatly appreciated.

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