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Going to see pdoc today--

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So please excuse me while a freak out:


Thanks, just needed to do that, moving on:

  • seeing a pdoc for the first time in a few hours and I don't know what to do because I'm feeling *okay* now (not great, but I'm not suicidal or anything lately and I'm functioning decently in school) I think because of my increased dose of wellbutrin a month ago (300 to 450mg) BUT Wellbutrin has a history of pooping out on me after a month or do and I sink down into my original depression almost in fast forward, it's really scary
  • what should I ask him/tell him? I'm getting by now, but in a month or whenever if wellbutrin stops working again, there's nowhere I can go from there since 450 is the maximum dose...I can't imagine starting from square one when I'm at my lowest..but at the same time- if I'm okay now I don't want to screw that up either
  • I HATE waiting for 'the other shoe to drop' - I want to just be normal and happy (remember happy? sometimes I forget) and not have the nagging in the back of my mind wondering how long it's gonna last *this* time

any advice? sorry for my pity-party here but I only have enough money to see him this once ($175) and maybe a follow up ($100) if I'm lucky later on, and it took two months to get in with him for this one appointment....I just feel like everything rides on this one hour with him and I'm way nervous that it's not going to work out.

thanks for any response, any at all!


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sorry to post on my post-- but if this belongs in another forum (perhaps the med/AD one?) please let me know...I knew I should have posted this earlier, lol, I leave for my appointment in an hour, ah well.

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Well, by now you're at the doc, so hopefully all is going well. If the zoloft is doing nothing for you then seems to me like it should be replaced.

I've always meant to write down or type out my history to save time when I go to new doc. Including dates as accurately as possible, (diagnosis, med changes) and meds that you have been on and whether they worked. Maybe I don't want that stuff in writing... ;)

Post how it went!

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