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I'm sitting here bored crazy, going nuts with boredom.

I keep checking the MB, keep checking for emails, keep checking for new jobs, keep going to the letterbox only to find it empty.

Keep reading the news online on several websites to look for new news.

But I rarely achieve anything, everything's a nothing or a dead end.

I'm going crazy with boredom but at the same time I'm unable to do anything like go for a walk, read a book, watch a movie, read a new magazine. I feel like "What's that going to achieve". I want to get somewhere, do something, but I feel stalled.

I mean in the short term. I'm just waiting, waiting, for things I've tried to set in motion, to happen, waiting on others to get back to me with good news.

But good news never comes. It all seems hopeless. I miss out on everything I wanted badly, things I thought were ideal for me but I always miss out.

So annoyed here. Going nuts.

I could just write a neverending diary of all my thoughts and feelings, pour everything out.

Going mental here, lol. Not lol. So annoyed. So BORED.

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I'm right there with you. Unable to do anything productive, bored out of my scull.

I used to think boredom was a good sign because at least that meant I was interested in doing something instead of just moping in bed. But boredom is a poor motivator for anything productive, yanno?

I think it's also lingering depression that's making it impossible for me to do things... and the recovering side of me that is going crazy doing nothing.


It's not like I don't have 9,000 things to do either.

Well, at least we are bored together?


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