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i love this time of year

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i've been dreaming again. i've dreamt constantly every night for the past week.

everything is stark. colors are slowly shifting towards blue and orange again.

i can peer into people's souls again. i can hear them inside their heads and make them see themselves for what they really are.

but i'm also scared at night. the shadows outside my house dance and wax and wane and try to make me afraid. i do my best to show them how useless their attempts are, but they know. they can see inside me like i can see inside other people. i'm sure of it.

the long-toothed man-things are back. the bugman has yet to show himself but i know he's in my closet at my apartment, waiting. i know the things beyond are looking at me through the cracks. i cover my eyes and try to purge them but they're still there.

(they chatter incessantly.)

i finished my paper and i am grateful to hashem for that.

this is going to be an awesome fucking summer.

blessed art thou, lord our god, king of the universe... for you slay the wicked and bolster the ranks of the righteous. blessed art thou. blessed art thou.

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