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this is my criteria for nominating someone to the You Suck Club- they have to explicitly suck in 3 ways that are also observed by other people. i can't be the only one to think that their loud music sucks or their slicked greeseball hair sucks. others have to think it too.

i doubt people think you suck. it is just your disorder talking. i doubt that others could all come up wtih and agree on 3 things about you that suck, unless.

1.) you play loud music in an apartment or dorm and piss me off

2.) you have bad BO and refuse to take care of it

3.) you have an attitude problem and refuse to be nice to others

so, unless you fit one of those, you likely don't suck, or at least suck too much. i decided that while i'm weird and crazy that i don't suck. i guess i take enough meds to think i don't suck ;) how about you? aren't i right?

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If it makes you feel any better, I have something weird and irrational for drummers, I find them very attractive for some odd reason. So you that going for you.

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