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Lithium is a salt, typically provided as Lithium Carbonate. It displaces sodium chloride (table salt) from the blood system.

Eating an excessive amount of table salt can drive down your lithium level. Getting dehydrated through heat, fever, or not drinking enough water, or restricting your table salt intake, drives your lithium level higher, sometimes with toxic effects.

It is important to maintain a stable salt intake and a good water intake (manufacturer of Eskalith recommends drinking 2 - 3 Quarts of water a day). If you start to have increased tremors and other effects, particularly on a hot day, having a salty snack with water is a good way to replenish the sodium chloride you have lost. Many people find they need to add a little extra salt to their diet to maintain good functioning, and you may even have a mild salt craving.

[edit: I forgot to mention that your lithium blood levels may vary with the time of year, and may vary depending on your mental state. For some reason when you go manic the body drives the lithium level down, meaning you may need to take a higher dose to obtain the same blood level.]

Drink water! ;)


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