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Is this Bipolar?

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I know your not doctors on here but you seem to know a lot more than most docs!

I am yet to see a doctor, but when I go(prob monday) I wanna go with as much information as possible.

So... I definatley have anxiety, anxiety attacks and depression, but along with the 3 day long anxiety attacks, I get 2-4 day long periods of feeling happy, kind of in a silly mood and I act totally different, do and say things I wudnt normally. From what i've read on here my symptoms match hypermania. I also have problems with thinking of things I shouldn't, like seeing myself hurt people etc. And I worry a lot about getting every illness under the sun, and research illnesses i think i have almost every day.So pretty much up and down every few days with constant anxirty and attacks every few days. Oh yeah also SI.

Just wondering what you think...

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s/he'd probably say something like bipolar 2 (hpyomania with depression), SI, and either some form of GAD or a more specific form like hypochondria. my boyfriend is a hypochondriac and all he obsesses about is the various illnesses he has (he has been checked from here to china and is a perfectly healthy person) and also has depression and GAD.

maybe there wouldn't be a differential DX of hypochondria if it isn't something you do unless you're in an episode. i don't know how they do about DXing hypochondria. i know that my bf is constantly worrying about things. he literally had to go to the doctor because of some dry skin on his hand. i don't know if cases vary in how bad they are, but that's what to expect out of a hypochondriac.

AM has some good ideas- make sure you know what BP is and are familliar with the DSM description of it. make sure you understand how you do and do not match the official description. there are some symptoms we have and some we don't, but for the DX, we have to have so many from the list. (at last count i had almost all of them for bp1 ;) ).

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