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Should I say it? Shhhh!

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I noticed it back in November, but I've been afraid to say anything to my pdoc because I don't want to jinx things.. But, it seems that I actually feel better now after I take my meds. Yes, I still have side effects, but after over two years on the meds it's like the good is actually feeling good, at least for a few hours after dosing.

My lithium ran out several days ago and feeling like crap anyhow I just couldnt' get it filled until last night, but boy do I feel better this morning. Motivation to carry on, I suppose. ;)


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YAY ! I'm glad. Being in the pits of madness and despair gets REALLY old. I still have a long road to go, but I have my better more productive times now too. So I know how wonderful that is.

Thanks for sharing

It made me smile a lot to think of you happier



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