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The Truman Show

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Guest Guest_Kate_*

Hello- I Just Joined the Community so I thought Id share some background info:

Well, I am 18.

I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 14(I would skip school/sleep all day/never shower/lack of care). After this I was prescribed Zoloft and did quite well for a while. I became very spiritual and was a genuinely good person. However at the same time it made me feel very numb so I quit taking it.

I started smoking pot regularly until I started to have horrible panic attack highs. If I were to smoke with my friends- I would think they were all talking shit about me, freak out, and have to leave.

Eventually I started to believe/ and sometimes still do believe- that I am on some kind of TV show. Sort of like everyone has a role in my life and nothing is real (much like the truman show). I do believe part of this is due to excessive use of cocaine- but I am not sure.

I have quit smoking weed for about two years but every now and then I will still hear people talking about me.

Also, In the last year I have became a very jealous person, particularly with my boyfriend- I hate to see him laugh or have a good time with another girl besides me. Whenever this happens I start to ignore him and yell at him rather than addressing my jealousy. This has caused a lot of problems in out relationship and I know I am being over sensitive.

Anyways, I know that was pretty long but if anyone got threw it and has any advice, Im all ears.


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Hi Kate, and welcome.

Are you currently seeing a psychiatrist? Or a therapist? From what you've said, it sounds like either would be helpful with feeling like people are talking about you, and your jealousy with your boyfriend.

Feel free to look around here, and post or pm one of the moderators if you have any questions.


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