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You can't. An admin must do it.

If you don't want to use and account.....Don't. Nothing is going to happen to it if you haven't given away the password, which you can change yourself.

If you don't want email notifications or PMs then go into the "My Controls" and change the settings to turn them off.

And, NO, we don't have a mass delete for old posts. If you want them gone, you gotta do it the old fashioned way. Oned at at time by hand.


[edit: p.s. You are pretty safe here if you haven't given your real name or address info (which we usually delete anyway). So don't feel embarrassed to discuss things. )

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i went through a period of time where my partner was reading all of my posts and even other pages i had visited. it was impossible to really be open with anyone online, even in emails, and if i deleted brower cache and history and stuff, my partner would get even more suspicious.

i think there are all sorts of ways and reasons a person might need and want to reach out but then find themselves in a situation where they have to back down. but i think it's important that if someone is denying you support -- and i mean, if a user is coming here to talk about how to deal with their illness, and a partner is saying that is not acceptable, just like if a partner was keeping someone from going to therapy -- that is a problem.

if they think they should be the only support you ever need, they are both so full of themselves and extremely insecure.

at the very least, i hope it's possible to keep reading for support even if you can't post.

be well,


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