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i am a royal screw-up.

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i applied for a job at the library as a circulation assistant.

had a phone interview, great.

had a skills test. must of passed that because they called me for an in-person interview.

well, due to my excitement and the fact that my brain fails me, i wrote the wrong time down.

it was like, they said 11:00. i wrote that down. and then they said come 15 minutes earlier. so what do i do? i wrote 12:45 over the 11:00.

this weekend i thought it was 11, then thought i was wrong because it said 12:45. so, i show up at 12:40 and they were like "we had you down for 11". and, i had the perfect opportunity to call and confirm because i was questioning it.

stupid, stupid, stupid. how do you subtract 15 minutes from 11:00 and come up with 12:45?

damn, that would have been a perfect job. i can only take it like that i wasn't meant to work there or something. but, now i have to hit the pavement again. i really thought i had this job. it was sooo important to me.

effing brain.

(i probably would have blown it anyway because i just can't think or talk very well right now.)

still, it was just dumb. proves i have to get my act together.

ok, done.

thanks for reading!


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Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Even things you really thought you almost had, and were kind of depending on.

I've made some big f*ckups myself in the last couple of years. I try to blame it on the meds (brain turning to jelly). Or just plain stupidity. Where I thought I was doing everything right, but I wasn't.

All in all, I try to conclude that life has already chosen a path for me to follow, and whether I like the outcome of it or not, it's going to go how it's meant to go.

See "Believe" in my signature. I try to live by that.

You can fight, or follow the path that's already chosen for you.

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angeljasmine - - thank you for your words of hope. i definitely need them right now.

i guess it is just hard when you have your heart set on it and then your brain fails you. that it will always be that anyway anytime you have to depend on it.

but, i do know, all too well, that things do happen for a reason. when things are happening to you, it is hard to keep that in mind.

i will take a deep breath now and try not to worry. fate is not in my hands.

thank you,


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Well, at least there is hoe for finding another job. If you got so far in the interviewing process for this one, there must be others that you are qualified for and which would need you as an employee.

Did they make it clear that there was no other time to interview? Mistakes happen. No, it doesn't leave a great impression but things happen.

Would you want to take a chance on calling the interviewer up tomorrow, explaining what happened and requesting another interview? [Or even showing up] The worst that can happen is that they say no.

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when i was on lithium, i got totally stupid (one of the reasons i don't take lithium anymore).

i wrote down the wrong DAY for the interview, and showed up at the proper time, only the next day! they were really surprised but understanding, and rescheduled me for the next day.

well, in the interview room, i totally forgot everything i had done in my career. this was a couple of years ago. my brain just went blank. i wasn't even nervous. i just couldn't remember. so i sat there and read them my resume!!! ;)

needless to say, i was not hired for that position. which was actually a good thing, because the job was in BFE and i wouldn't have wanted to drive that long to get to work every day and get up at the buttcrack of dawn.

so don't feel bad. write a thank you note, and in it just a quick line saying you apologize for the time fiasco. don't make it a big deal and they won't see it as one. i think you can still land the job (if they haven't given it to someone else yet) if you play your cards right. little things like thank you notes add up. or if there's nothing to thank them for, then a short note with your apologies and add that you think the position is a great fit for your skill set and you hope to work with them soon.

presto. try to make something good out of it. show off your ability to get back up after a loss. don't worry about how you look to them- just try to get on with doing the best you can right now. if they've already given the job to someone else then they have, but at least you tried and got some experience in damage control out of it. :cussing:

loon- expert in damage control :)

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thank you. i do feel kinda better i am not the only one (sorry loon!).

they tried to schedule me later, but 2 of the supervisors did not come back. and it was the last day of interviews. kinda figured they wouldn't hire me after that anyways.

i will do the thank you note, thanks loon. at least it will look good if anything else came up.

boy, i am still in disbelief. keep beating myself up. think of all i missed out on. so hard not to do.

luna, you're right. i did prove something to myself. must keep reminding myself.

ok, this won't turn out so bad. might be the kick in the arse i need.

thank you,


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Easy killer - you're beating yourself up for what was a silly mistake that anyone (even unmedicated people) could have done. It doesn't mean you won't get any job, or even that this job was right for you.

Now go get more interviews!

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i have done the exact same thing. had a 11:45 interview, so what do i get stuck in my head? i somehow translate that into LEAVING at 11;45 for the interview that is 35 minutes away from my house.

you're not the only one.

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This happens to unmedicated ADD people all the time--I would have met my husband a YEAR sooner, but he showed up the wrong weekend for my best friend's wedding(I was the maid of honor) and missed it!! I lived in Atlanta, it was in C'ton, and I only came up for that one weekend. Been a standing joke in our house for years.

I am SO BAD about time and days--when I was interviewing and brain dead, I was terrified of this. And to think--before I got old and batshit crazy, I used to work 3 PRN jobs at the same time, 3 different hospitals--wrote them in different color ink in my daytimer, never showed up for the wrong shift, the wrong day, or the wrong hospital. Miracle, as I was--and always have been--waaaay ADD.

I have a job now that means I have to be completely accurate, which scares the shit out of me, but I like it--I will be going very slow and triple-checking everything for a long time.

And lets don't even discuss check books--


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Hi Kathy,

I do the same thing all the time. most recently was an obgyn appt. i had an appt card that said 9 am. they called me the day before my appt to confirm i was coming. and then the day of the appt I was certain it was 10am. I had the dang card in my wallet. but for some stupid reason i didnt doublecheck it.

(luckily my obgyn knows how crazy i am and made room to see me when i showed up an hour late.)

I agree with everyone else - other than the mistake of the time of the interview - look how far you got. you completed an application, survived a phone interview, and passed a skills test. You definitely have the ability and desire to get a job - and these are very good things!!!

Im sure another opportunity will open up for you.

good luck!!


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I think everybody (even those who are far from AD/HD) misses the occasional appointment, and unfortunately, sometimes an important one. Though fortunately I've never (yet) missed a job-related appointment, I miss doctor's appointments like nobody's business. I put them on my wall calendar if I remember to, trust me...

I'm pretty anal-retentive when it comes to schoolwork, too (that wasn't true for me before college). Of course, the fact that the syllabus/course schedule is always on the front page of my notebook and that the profs remind students of upcoming exams/etc. doesn't hurt.

Don't get me started about high school, though. Since it was a "college prep" school, they decided to make the schedule closer to what college was like... or so they thought it was like. Not by using a more common "block" system, but instead rearranging the order of classes every day ("Day 1" was all 8 classes in order, Day 2 was all classes but periods 1 and 5 in the order 2/4/3/7/6/8, Day 3 was all classes except periods 4 and 6 etc. etc.... and so forth in no logical order whatsoever, also with courses lasting 40 or 60 minutes depending on the day, and random 30 minute breaks, two per day, for lunch or extended courses).

And no, the day numbers didn't correlate with days of the week, and rarely did the front office bother to post what day it was.

I guess it was college prep... got our minds in shape...

Come to think of it, I'm more surprised that I passed high school than I am with college.

anyways, I'll stop ranting, but kathy, you're not a royal screw-up (well okay, you're no more screwed-up than any of the rest of us...)

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