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Mom's Muggers and PC Thief SUCK!


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my mom lives in a crappy neighborhood right by the projects. she went up to the corner store (practically in the PJs as we call them) to get some cigarettes at 11:30pm on a FRIDAY night when she was attacked. these guys jumped out at her and before she knew it, they beat her and grabbed her purse and made off with it. she had all the money she had- $140- in there and her meds, including ones with high street values. she has bruises all over. :cussing:

when people saw what was happening, they called the cops. the cops came right away, but not fast enough to catch the bad guys, who ran away. i'm still shocked that these guys got away, because they were in a van that they jumped out of, and the police could run that plate number. maybe they just don't care because she's poor and it is in the PJs. dunno. ;)

THEN, her parents (my very generous grents) gave her money to buy a computer to help her start an at home internet business, so she bought a PC. she had it with all the parts that came with it at her "friend's" house because her "friend" was teaching her how to use a computer. nevermind that she could have called me and i would have come over to teach her every day. i guess they were having more fun playing with it than working with it.

so anyway, this lady now refuses to give my mom her computer back, and my mom can't find her receipt to get it back. :wtf:

basically, except for the vitals like her house, car, and LIFE, she got royally screwed this week.

THOSE AHOLES SUCK!!! :):cussing:

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