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Saying Hello for the First Time

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Hello all,

This is my first post on the boards but I have been reading them for quite a while. I figured that I should at least join some type of group be it online or whatever so that I can start to socialize. (my therapist says socializing is actually a good thing. I would never have figured that out myself.) And I do like this board, so thus I have joined.

I am a 21 year old psychology student at Cal Poly. I generally maintain an antisocial lifestyle. I'm hopelessly addicted to tv (I'm a total geek: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica) and I will spend 12 hours on my computer if I could. No boyfriend (still antisocial) I also spend my time knitting and hanging out with my sister (the social part of my day).

The requisite psych stuff:

It is possible that I have been depressed since middle school though I had never been diagnosed. College came and ruined my life. By junior year I was full on depressed but still wouldn't admit it. It took failing an entire quarter of classes to go and see a therapist. I was put on prozac, the drug that oficially ruined my life. A year later and I have been officially diagnosed as Bipolar II. I'm still not stable and I have taken a medical leave from school to figure this whole thing out.

All in all I am glad to be on these boards.

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Hi Lunar, welcome.

Sounds like you are making progress, difficult as it might be. Getting out and interacting can be almost impossible at times, but I usually feel better after I do. Even if it's nothing more than going to the store and saying Hi to the check out clerk.

Feel free to post.

cheers, a.m.

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Knitting/Star Trek fan also on medical leave trying to figure things out while bipolar II *sticks hand up*

Nice to meet you!

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