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Dr. Abram Hoffer customised this ORTHOMOLECULAR PROTOCAL for me in 2001.

This is one example of ORTHOMOLECULAR THERAPY used for the treatment of schizophenia and bi~polar disorder.


Rx folic acid 5 mg * 5 tabs in the morning

B complex 100's * 1 a day

chromium 500 micrograms * 1 a day

zinc citrate 50 mg * 1 a day

B-6 250 mg * 3 a day

no flush niacin 500 mg 2 tabs * 3 a day

vitamin C 500 mg 2 tabs * 3 a day

salmon oil 1 gram 2 capsules * 3 a day

calcium | magnesium (Jamieson brand) * 3 a day

for women and insomnia

Top of the line vitamins are not necessary in Orthomolecular Therapy.

Generic superstore vitamins can be used.

These doses are waaay too high.

I take only 1/6th the dose of the B-6, niacin, C, & 1 tab of the Rx folic acid.

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I've just been on Hoffer's homepage. He writes very convincingly. After consultation with my GP I'm going to try and get hold of some of these mega dose pills and go for something like:

1g "CP grade" (?) vitamin C three times a day after meals

500mgs niacin 3 times daily

5mgs folic acid once (in mornings?)

Also some omega fish oil in the right dose/proportions, which I should have got hold of ages ago - so many people say it helps them.

Anyone see any problem with this? If Hoffer is to be believed - and he cites a lot of scientific evidence, papers, case studies etc (yes the evidence is controversial but he makes a good case for it) - I could lower my medication, lose weight, increase concentration and motivation and generally feel better with a few supplements like this. Oh how I'd like to lose weight.. The theory behind why niacin helps (it lowers levels of hallucinogenic adrenochrome, apparently) interests me especially.

On another page he claims that his "othomolecular" treatment can be highly effective in combating cancer, which sounds unlikely but hey.

I might have posted about this before, but it still might be of interest and maybe use to someone? Has anyone read further around this and gained some insight either for or against his theory, or does anyone even have first-hand experience?

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The theory behind why niacin helps (it lowers levels of hallucinogenic adrenochrome, apparently) interests me especially.

40 years of neuropharmacology and psychiatric research later, Hoffer is one of the few researchers on the planet who believe his adrenochrome hypothesis.

That said, since so much of what Americans (including me) eat is overprocessed crap. I really cannot see a problem with increasing folic acid intake, and as it should take quite a lot of excess Vitamin C and niacin to make one ill, it probably won't hurt to try it out for a few months.

A better option would be to switch in to your diet foods that are relatively rich in the vitamins and oils instead of taking supplements. That might also help with the weight issue.

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Hmmm.. think I was being a bit too fanciful/credulous yesterday.. but it is true I should look at diet and maybe try some folic acid, and definitely fish oil... long overdue for trying that.

The weight is a slight worry (mainly for aesthetic reasons heh) but it is pathetic - I know if I drank less and went running again I could get it right down again.

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GhostLine, if you have something to say, please start a topic on your own. We're really not interested in having 5-year-old threads resurrected from the dead, particularly when they are about bogus topics like "Orthomolecular Therapy." Bogus bogus bogus. Let the dead stay dead.


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