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Feeling like I've just slept when I change from a place to another... help!

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I have depersonalization ad derealization since my delivery, since 4 years. Since then depersonalization pretty gone away (I usually don't question myself if I feel myself or not, I know SSRI didn't help for that... unfortunately I will have to take one because I am VERY depressed right now and so many changes in my life had been tough for me, I becamed depressed).

So, I wonder something. All the day, with klono and sleep pill at low doses, I can function (usually, w/o depression), and feel kind of normal. especially when I am in a routine, in a known place, and when I don't change from a place to another. Then, BANG!!! I just, for example, go to the bathroom and come back, and I feel weird, like I've just snap out of a dream, I feel like I slept for 2 minutes and I wake up like a bit confused and very panicky about that. It's very like I lost time. All day it's like that since 4 years.

I can happen when I am at home and go out, when I work and then I go to the bathroom and then go in, it happens all the time i change from a place to another, even for 2 minutes. So I PANIC all the time, even if I know it will do this, I panic.

Can someone tell me if it's derealization,, dissociation or if it happens to them, if their psychiatrist know what is it and how to help it??? Is it TLE? (temporal lobe epilepsy)?

I remember what I did, but for some minutes right after, I feel like I lost time and I feel very very very bad.

** ALSO :

1. I gave my demission since 1 month since then I also moved. So I am more disoriented than ever. Can it trigger dp/dr?

2. Unfortunately I have to take an AD because I feel so panicky that I have the old fear to be schizo coming back. And I can't take care of my child because I feel to panicky. I will take Paxil just because it helps for depression but worsen derealization. Are you like me, frustrated that a med helps for something and worsen dr feelings?

3. Are you like you're in a dream fog all the time and it can be worse in a mall, alone, outdoors, fluo lights, etc? Yesterday I was in a store and then bang!! I fel disoritned, confused and I tried to talk to myself to be okay, and it's like someone gaveme drugs, I felt MORE derealized and so disoriented I scared myself. I had to take klono and sleep pill to calm down. Is it derealization, dissociation and do you think Depakote or Lamictal or Tegretol would help with those episodes? (even at 2 mg klono a day, it doesn't prevent dr episodes)

Thanks for helping me.

p.s. A neurologist once told me it was kind of temporal loe epilepsy... but I don't know.

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wow i've been out of it and didn't notice that this had no replies. sorry.

for some reason i'm remembering someone else who had dp/dr after delivering baby. but i'm not sure if that's accurate or not.

have you talked to a doctor about this? possible gotten referral to another neurologist, because it sounds like it's happening a lot, and very well could be neurological.

tell us how you're doing now?

is it worse, better, or the same?

when you say you feel like you just slept when you change from one place to another, do you mean that you feel really tired, in addition to disoriented? are there other features of this?

i don't really know what to suggest, except what you kind of hinted at, which is to try and manage the panic when it happens. can you remind yourself that the feeling will pass?

another thing i wonder about is whether the panic and the dissociation is a cycle, and whether panic itself is making you dissociate. if this is at all the case, it might help to work on why you are having anxiety (preferably with a therapist). agoraphobia? ptsd?

how is child-rearing going? how does this fit into the picture? do you have anxieties about taking care of your child? (i'm assuming a lot here, so i apologize if i've said anything that totally doesn't fit your situation)

in any case, the most important thing would be to see another neurologist and get testing for seizure activity and it very well could be that when you go on an anticonvulsant you won't have this problem.

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I have that feeling like I'm waking up from a dream. I re-orient myself by looking around and touching things if I can. I don't lose time, it's just that things suddenly seem "real". My tdoc thinks it's depersonalization. I have schizoaffective disorder and she thinks it's a symptom of that and not a different diagnosis.

I used to make sure I knew who I am and where I am. Now, I've acccepted it as something I do and it doesn't scare me as much. My tdoc told me to try to be aware of my environment throughout the day so I don't tune out. I mostly dissociate in social situations, when I'm anxious or tired. I think I might tune out when things are boring to me, also. Fluorescent lights bother me, too.

I think temporal lobe epilepsy can cause you to feel that way, too.

Here is a link on grounding techniques


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I just wanted to say I hope you do check back in.

I was not around when this was first posted, and it brought back so many feelings way before I knew I had anything even so call wrong with me.

When we move out to Indiana and i was an at home Mom, and my son nap so long, I would sometimes drift off on the sofa, and when I came to, i felt so very out of it, as in not knowing where I was and it was very scary.

I felt as if asleep for days, and so guilty as if something really bad happen and it was my fault, for I fell a sleep.

I would have to go around the house also,(but I was in a frantic state, plus unreal, unsure, but the fear was more powerful with me.) look in his room at him and feel him, make sure all was real and safe.

My adrenalin was very pumping, this would happen at stores and work as you describe also, way before, I was then just prescribe klonopin too.

I hope you find out more, and soon.

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Finally I saw a psychiatrist and he had trouble to diagnose me. I have panic disorder and agoraphobia, depression with derealization and maybe bipolar features. To rule out anything I'll have to try some meds. I'll begin with Epival. I am very scared you know. But I have no choice. If not, I will retry another antidepressant. He said to me dp disorder was really really hard to treat and since AD don't fit with me I have hypersensibility with meds, so it doesn't help. Let's say I am very desesperate, because I am afraid to stay like that all my life and that Epival screw up my brain. I also want to work so I don't know what to do anymore.

(I made a suicide attempt a week ago because of my depression and dp and dr, so I am at my lowest.

can we take Depakote (Epival) WITH an AD live Luvox or Paxil ? I just am depressed and my psy wants me to try one thign at a time to see what helps or not. But I have no AD so I am depressed as hell.


Unique girl ;)

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Youll get through it, its a rough patch.... try and relax and look at the tiny positives u have at the moment. You dont want to miss your child growing up and all the ups and downs that it will bring! Be strong, seek help, try out what meds u need, and keep on trying, dont give up!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

On a personal note, i am presently going through a dream-like state 24/7 where supermarkets freak me out, lights, buzzing noises etc its horrible, but im just trying to not focus on it and im sure it will pass soon, just remeber suicide is a permanent solution for a tempory problem... who knows where ull be 1,5,10,15 years!

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