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I just got back from a horrible doctor's appointment. I don't even have a psychiatrist right now which I think is idiotic ... I have a family doctor who I don't even get to see, I usually get to see med students or residents which I think is unacceptable when I'm in such a volatile state.

The resident I saw today was downright mean...kept getting angry at me for shrugging my shoulders in response to him saying he couldn't do anything for me. He said I was uncooperative (when I've done EVERYTHING they have asked of me). This was my first time seeing him...and I feel like he just saw BPD and stopped caring about whether I was being good or not, he just saw me as that and nothing more. It was truly awful. At one point he said there was nothing more he could do or any of them could do because I was resistant to taking APs. I said that I would want to be under the care of a psychiatrist before doing that...I said it politely, but those are serious drugs and I dont think a Family Medicine resident should be the one controlling or prescribing or monitoring them. He told me that in our health care system, with "problems like mine" I would have to wait 15 years to be under the regular care of a pdoc.

Are there any Canadians on here? Are you experiencing the same thing? Anyone had a simlarily frustrating experience with a doctor? It was horrible...I was bawling by the time I left and had serious thoughts of driving my car right into the building. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help myself and take responsibility...but shouldn't the doctors want to help to?

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