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They Ran Out of My WB

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my clinic is out of WB, and i can oly get it through GSK's patient assistance program. i tried to get an emergency supply today and was told when i went to get it that because they need this or that form, i can't get my supply. my "advocate" (person who vouches for you on your GSK forms) and pdoc are both out of the office, so there is no one else that GSK will allow to sign my forms.

basically, unless i buy the stuff, i'm screwed. i may have to buy it. it's in generic now and if i hit up my grents i should be able to buy just a couple of weeks to see me through until my supply gets here.

but it takes forever for them to send drugs. it took me over a month to get my lamictal. i'm supposedly getting it on friday. lucky for me the clinic has enough of that. last year it was a problem with lamictal that led to horrid mania and pregnancy. this year, it is WB that is going to lead to rapid cycling and depression, i feel it already.

is there anything i can do to get GSK to cooperate? have you had any success with them? should i just get another pdoc in that practice to call them and try to negotiate? should i have the office call my pdoc in bermuda or whereever the f he is and demand he sign my form? should i just buy the f-ing generic?

this is getting insane. they never have my meds. when i do the patient assistance thing, something always comes up and i end up without my meds. it isn't me- i signed and turned in those forms over a month ago.

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should i just buy the f-ing generic?

I just responded to your other post but want to add my 2cents here-- go get yourself a week's worth of generic. Then you can have some semblance of stability and some breathing room while you try either getting someone in the same practice to help you or see if your doctor left an emergency number (IDK if it's possible for him to fax his signature?). The first thing you should do is get enough medication to last you while you're trying to sort this mess out, I know it's really expensive and you have to borrow and all that--but the reprecussions of going without for a week or more will be worse, right? FWIW, I've been taking 300mg generic xl and 150 brandname for months and didn't notice any difference at all when I switched over to generic which is all I was taking at that point--it's much better to get the generic in your system than stop cold-turkey and have to start from scratch.

goodluck, I'm sorry all of this is happening to you just as you were levelling out ;) you'll make it though, keep us posted,


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