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My Neighbor Sucks, Part 10,000


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my upstairs neighbor is the only neighbor i have. i have a corner 1st floor apartment wtih no one under me, so i have 3 open walls and the other wall faces the laundry room. at least i don't have MORE neighbors.

but this one is way enough. now she has decided it is necessary to move furniture at midnight. i woke up to this wood across wood noise, and it took me awhile, but i realized she was pushing a dresser or something! and the same thing continued with probably every piece of furniture in her room.

is this chick drunk all the time? on drugs? plain weird? i'm pretty sure she has a drinking issue- and maybe some general weirdness thrown in there too.

have i said it enough? I CAN'T STAND MY NEIGHBOR, SHE SUCKS!!!


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rofl. i once had a neighbor that would vacuum ALL NIGHT LONG! lol.

our neighbors now just like to pound up and down stairs while yelling at odd hours. maybe the kids can't sleep, so they say "go outside and run for a few minutes and go back to bed"? every half hour or so? all night?

ah, aren't neighbors fun???


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Hi Loon:

I have a family member who is always redecorating. and by "always" i mean at least once a week.

one could visit on a monday and by thursday all the living room furniture would be rearranged. or the childrens bedrooms changed.

i dont know how people can move furniture all the time. maybe it is meth.

my sympathies,


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once i complained about her disturbing the peace due to her LOUD music, and she wouldn't tell the cops her name. i had to. then she pounded on the floor and called me all kinds of names.

she tends to pound on the floor and call me names when i complain to management too.

ok, she's a chef. when she's coming home from work and i see her in the hall and i'm going out, she is all peaches to me. i don't get it. it is as if nothing happened at all.


meth habit???

she plays her music just low enough so i can't call the cops on her and vacuums all night too. we have hardwood floors so unless she has rugs, then she has some issues.

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totally nothing. i knocked on her door, but her music was so loud she couldn't possibly have heard me. i banged on the ceiling with my broom and nothing. i tried to tell her to chill out, but nothing worked. it even took the police awhile to get her to open up. they were up there a good 3-5 minutes before she turned it down and then wouldn't tell them her name. ;) this girl is one of the weirdest neighbors i've ever had, and i've had some fun ones!

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I still don't get it...

Why didn't you knock on her door some late afternoon or early night and tell her to keep it down? Like, in a nice way? Sure, she may be annoying as hell, but just talking to her nicely would be the first resort for me.

I'm confused because if someone called the cops on me without even talking to me first... they'd be sorry they did.

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i had just tried to tell her while she was doing it because it was that obnoxious.

doing it while she's not making noise is a good idea, though i really cringe at the thought of talking to her :)

she's a chef and i'd never trust her to make my food ;)

her only sin lately has been the furniture. she's been pretty borderline careful about the music stuff. i thnk she goes out rather than have parties at her place anymore. she may even be done (for now) with the furniture, because she didn't do it last night, only during the afternoon.

yeah, before things get too loud to talk to her, i should stop up there (like during the day, as you said) and ask her to please keep it down.

she's a very uncooperative person, or at least she was to the police when she wouldn't even give them her name.

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