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Kind of like seeing things from others POV

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UK Guardian commentary on America

I will be the first to say, unrepentant, that Bush, is a lying, egotistical, murdering jerk, and I agree with parts of this commentary. In my version of happy reality, we would have a sane ethical government and not be trying to destroy the constitution or kill people for their resources.

Flame me, throw rocks and monkey poop.

Bush and his cronnies need to go

Iraq is in a mess

Our troops need to come home and BE SUPPORTED

This kind of thing is un acceptable

Bush needs to be called on the carpet for his war crimes

I'm neither party, but I'm sick of this


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If impeachment isn't appropriate now, when exactly is it supposed to be? It's fine to tell lies to justify a war but it's impeachable to lie about your sex life?

I'm starting a "Blow jobs for American Presidents Fund".

Keeps the blighters focused back home instead of ruining things out here in the rest of the world....

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I just have to drag this quote in here so I can read and re-read it.

"Now and again people have found themselves in places where the course of history was dramatically changed: Paris in 1789, Petrograd in 1917, Berlin in 1989. Sometimes the feeling of momentous change is illusory. When Tony Blair won his first election 10 years ago, perfectly sane people proclaimed that "these are revolutionary times". As most of us realised long before his ignominious departure, that was just what they weren't.

And yet to visit the US at present, as I have done, is to experience an overwhelming sensation of drastic impending change. It's not merely that President Bush, to whom Blair so disastrously tethered himself, is "in office but not in power". Most Americans can't wait for him to go, Congress is beyond his control, and the Senate majority leader, Senator Harry Reid, has told him that the war in Iraq is lost...."

The Guardian

This was a timely topic today, because once again this morning the realization hit that we have to suffer through another year and a half of this chuckleheaded bozo. Do you know when I first felt like this? Two months after his last inauguration.

I saw an interview with Condi Rice last nite that was surreal. It was like the words she spoke didn't even relate to the questions she was asked, or the situation at hand. Like she was reading a script from another decade. Just bizarre.

When will this administration let go of its failed Iraqi policy? When the electorate prys it from their cold dead hand.


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Someone I know once said that she'd be happy to give Bush a blow job so that he would be impeached. I'm not sure I could handle that, personally, but I'm more than willing to support someone who wants to take one for the team.

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