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immigration in spain versus america

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Spanish Immigration

i think i'm missing something somewhere... why is this causing so many more problems in america than it is in spain?

is the problem the size of the country or, more likely, there isn't all that big a problem in america, but it's a good platform for politics?? how much ARE we truly "paying" for immigrants here? and are all of spains immigrants "legal" and exactly how does that change things??


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You know, this is a bit OT but, I have considered moving to Spain. I love the people, the country, the language. I would like to become a counselor and have a large diverse peer support group or two, I want to write. I am disabled due to my eyesight or lack thereof and would love to live in Spain and help people. I admit, I have not REALLY looked into it, but the thought is always there. I especially love the Catalan language.Perhaps i could teach conversational American English to people...

America is very xenophobic and politically control freaks. We are a nation at odds with and afraid of the world. Immigration issues are big scary unknowns and the people are rejectionist, hide bound and fearful of change for the most part. I am not politically savvy, but I think Immigration is a political platform with big divided lines between parties because it is an issue of freedom or acceptance v control....I dunno, I usually don't vote, I am very disappointed in american politics and all the caca throwing.

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i know i like spanish food a LOT... oh my god those stuffed breads....


how can america be xenophobic when almost all of us are immigrants only a few generations ago... and even those who came over on the mayflower you know... immigrated on the mayflower....

seems... odd.


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just piping in


my bro lived in spain for 4~years

absolutely LOVED it

the culture is so welcoming

yano block parties here?

well they had neighborhood parties...can't remember if it was weekly or monthly

never locked their doors

just how we would expect 'family' to treat you...yeah that's their culture, people freaking CARE

on the other hand alcoholics were pretty much shunned, IF they didn't get help that is...

yeah babbling off now

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