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Emergency med packages

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SO I had one helluva night last night. Our 13-storey building caught fire and we all had to evacuate. It was a very stressful situation for someone on crazymeds. I ran out of the place with only my cell phone and vest. Luckily, I keep my ativans in the vest, so I felt good that I was able to take three of them while we waited for the firemen to do their job. Apparently, the boiler blew and All I saw when I looked down my light well in the bathroom was a gaseous ball of fire to end all gasballs. I managed to call 911 and then leave. Thankfully, I was able to return, with only damage to my door from the firefighters kicking in the doors. One person way above me lost everything.

So I said all that to say this:

Please have your emergency store of meds available to take on a moment's notice. I surely would have been hospitalized had I not been able to return to my apartment so relatively fast . The thought of going off of my meds was very intense. I don't know what I would have done.

Now I know, at least for Kaiser, they won't give you a new bottle of meds unless you run out of the other ones first. BUt I am gonna Ask for a scrip for all of my meds so I can put them in a special bag for emergencies.

And I'm going to finally buy that apartment insurance I thought about for so long (It's so cheap, too).

Word to the wise....

(Thanks for listening.)

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I'm glad that you're okay!

That's a very scary situation--thanks for sharing, it *is* smart to have an emergency supply. I have my day of the week pillbox in my purse at all times so that makes me feel better, but a real emergency kit is an even better bet. Apartment insurance also sounds like a really good idea.

Again, I'm glad that you, your meds and your apartment came out of this relatively unscathed!


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Great idea. I try to keep at least two doses of everything in my purse... more for the days when I leave the house and forget to take them. But sometimes that happens a few times and I forget to refill my purse stash.

I remember we had at least one or two members that had trouble getting meds right after hurricane Katrina. So if you live in a area prone to natural disasters (especially ones that can shut down entire cities for days (or weeks) on end), staying at least a week ahead of your scripts (or stashing away a week's worth with your other emergency supplies) is probably a really good idea.

I like your idea of just having extra paper scripts that you could fill in an emergency. With the exception of some of the scheduled drugs, I think they are good for a year (at least in Michigan).

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