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Anybody ever hear of Double Depression

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My pdoc says I have what you call Double Depression. I have MDD, Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymia.

I have a low level of depression everyday. Then I have periods where I have deeper depressions. I don't have a day that lasts for more than a few hours of feeling OK.

He increased my Prozac from 40 mg to 60 mg. That was the first step. He may add another AD next time I see him.

I asked him about ADD. He said he is not qualified to prescribe for me. He thinks I need to see a doctor that specializes in Adult ADD. When I read about ADD, about 97% of it fits me. Since I have been ADD since I was a child, is it possible that the ADD is causing more problems than the depression. The depression has come from the ADD. What are you thoughts on this subject? Please let me know.

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My impression is that Double Depression is an older terminology, for just what you describe. I sorta thought that MDD superceded it, but I'll have to research that.

I'm in the process of working with my pdoc to sort out if I have ADHD/ADD. I can see patterns going back to childhood as well regarding difficulty concentrating. You state exactly the same thing she did. Has ADHD caused my anxiety & depressive (though bipolar) problems? Or has the bipolar disorder and some attendant anxiety caused me to have difficulty concentrating and accomplishing tasks. Right now we are playing with meds (adderall XR, now regular) to see if that helps. It has been less than a roaring success. I'm so sensitive to the stimulants, wrecking my sleep which destablizes me.

my pdoc also pointed out that ADHD/ADD is much more common for people with bipolar and depression. so it is likely to have both.

good luck,


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Followup: Ok, looks like "Double depression" is not a formal DSM-IV diagnosis, but rather an informal one that doctors use to refer to the combination of having Cyclothymia coupled with a Major Depressive episode. Just what you explained.


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posting somewhat of a "me too" here...

In my abnormal psych class in college, we were also taught about double depression as defined by y'all. It was also in the textbook. Although, we didn't discuss its presence (or lack thereof) in the DSM.

Like HerTommy, I had the symptoms of double depression until my what-was-likely-a-6-month-long-hypomanic episode in 2005, and then came crashing back down that October.

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My Doc,

referred to

my post

back injury/surgery,

mental health

as chronic depression

with dysthymia.

I couldn't hate

or Love anything,

I usually destroyed

something of

value to me,

only to add

regret to the mix.(later)

I only lived that way


20 years or so.


triggered the

mania-lite(compared to my twenties)

that got some appropiate


As good as my life

Is now,

the ugly pair

remains waiting

for me to let it run.


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yes, my xhusband had it. double depression (DD) is when you have the "milder" form of depression, dysthymia, and over it you develop these patches of major depressive disorder. the MDD cycles, but dysthymia is a disorder that is rather consistent and doesn't cycle that much, so it is still there and you still feel like crap, just like less crap than before.

it can be treated with antidepressents and mood stabilizers sometimes. lithium and lamictal are both sometimes used for it.

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I should have said that the pdoc told me I probably would not find Double Depression on the internet. But I did.

Thanks for all of your posts.

So now I know why I don't have very many periods of things being OK. It makes me feel better to know more about my mental state.

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