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Caged in a Hollor

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Hello all,

Don't think I've done this yet so here I go. Im a 38 yr old woman dealing with being a rapid cycling bipolar with ocd and ptsd. Fun huh? I come from one messed up family(both sides) and work daily to break the cycle. I have a much younger husband, ;) and 4 boys. I lost my oldest son last yr to Leukemia and buried him on my birthday.This is the same Leukemia I have fought five times in my life (currently getting tranfusions) The gene is passed down on my fathers side and both I and all 4 of my boys have it.

Life has been one long battle for me but hey--I'm one tough cookie. My brain ticks like a bomb everyday and I work hourly sometimes to diffuse it. Been a mental health consumer for over 13 yrs and It has been most helpful. I'm down right calm now compared to my 20's.Tend to move every 7-10 yrs. I'm a loner & a reader when I can. I clean to deal with stress..can I come clean something?I've had 3 loves in my life, One was a drinker & a beater, second one was a drugger & a beater (see a theme?) but 3rd times the charm right?Hes' young, fun, caring, sexy, and good for my battered, bruised ego. Plue no addictions and totally trainable -HE-HE We have been together 9 yrs.

Im trying to greet everyday with a smile now, which is a total change from the first half of my life.

My motto is: If u want to change your life, start by changing your mind. so far its working.

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