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please help me narrow this down

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hello! i was wondering if you could help me figure out which drug is causing this.

i am always on edge, i wring my hands constantly and anxiety still rears its ugly head every once in awhile, well, a little more often than that.

currently i am taking:

900 lithium

150 wellbutrin

20 lexapro

1 risperdal

ambien prn

xanax prn

i am thinking that maybe it is the wellbutrin. i have no idea when this started so don't know which drug to associate it with.

your opinions would be greatly appreciated. if i can narrow it down, i can make some changes.

thank you!


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stimulants like Wellbutrin do tend to cause anxiety.

though, Risperdal is very well-known to cause akathisia (which results in similar physical and psychological symptoms).

or it could be the combination of the two...

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Sorry, synthetic, gotta disagree with you on the Lex.... as an SSRI, it should reduce anxiety symptoms, not exacerbate them. I don't know much about Lithium or Risperdal. I doubt it's the Ambien and definitely not the Xanax (that should help). My bet is definitely on the Wellbutrin. I had the same problem - even at the same dose. In fact, that's why I ended up on Xanax.

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The reason I said both might be responsible is because I have taken both and both have given me anxiety attacks, hence the reason they are on my evil meds list. Of course, I have absolutely no tolerance for SSRIs, Lexapro just about sent me off the deep end.

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