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results of my neurological testing

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well, i found out that my brain issues are not organic. it is from depression and anxiety.

my doc suggested i find another pdoc. one that can help more with talk therapy.

the pdoc i have now deals mainly with medication. i would always be the one bringing in suggestions. and, surprisingly, she usually took me up on them. i have basically decided what drugs i want to deal with. apparently, i was wrong. well, i was never told i was wrong.

i have always felt that i needed another pdoc. for so long now that i could have made marked improvements by now if i had listened to my own brain. that is another guilt story. just feel like i wasted at least 2 of the 4 years i have been fighting this.

but, i did post about my depression and i have learned that i have dsythsmia. self-diagnosis again. but, i know in my heart that is what i have. so does my dad. there is no other explanation.

i am on a new path now and am excited about getting started. i guess i probably needed to be on the path that i was on in order to grow as i have.

thank you for listening!

have a brilliant day!


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Had the same experience with a pdoc who only did meds--I suggested something, he prescribed it. Only problem was, the combo didn't work, and he didn't bother to figure out I was also BP, not just anxious and depressed. Got a nurse-practitioner, who could Rx. and did therapy--what a world of difference. Jesus, I wish I could see her again. I'm right back where I started, except my meds doc now blames everything on ADD. So off to the therapist to talk tomorrow. What a crapshoot this whole thing is.

Kathy, goodluck with your dx and changes--at least you live in civilization and have some choices. Even Charleston was so much better than this dump for getting real help.


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