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Stupid Moron Doctors

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Guest Toast

Here's the scoop: 10 years of the deepest darkest unipolar crap.  Multiple suicide attempts, multiple scrips, ECT, divorce, fired, bankruptcy.....yada yadda

I got frustrated and started searching on-line and my symptoms sounded like low testosterone.  Since I'm a 35yr male, my doc said impossible, but ordered the test anyway.  Well guess fucking what?  I was right. 3.2 on whatever scale they use that says it ought to be at least 11.

I've been doing the replacement therapy now for 2 weeks and all the depressive crap is gone and I feel 10 years younger physically. 

Yes, I am proud to say that for the first time in 5+yrs I can not only "salute the flag", but can also "sing the entire star-spangled banner" in 4 part harmony.

Problem is the god damn effexor withdrawls.  I've been on 300 mg for the past 3 years and was as high as 675mg for a few months in 2001. 

Now for the help.  Any lawyers out there?  I want to fucking sue everybody that ever made a diagnosis and the god damn donkey dick sucking drug co for millions.

I'm bitter and pissed off.

Please email me.

toast_lover at where the mail is not cold

:);)   :P

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Hi, Toast,

What a coincidence. A new guy joined my therapy group last week. He had the same response. Went through pretty much all the antidepressants and then discovered he had low testosterone. He also felt great on it, but mentioned that it did make him more agressive and quick to anger. But, hey, we already knew that.

Since you've been on Effexor for so long and at such high doses, would your doc put you on Prozac to help you get off the Effexor? It's a much easier discontinuation that way.


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I was getting fortnightly depot injections of Testosterone + Thyroxine 300mcg daily. They both help somewhat, but the Testosterone has reduced my sperm count to zero so I have gone off it & am going to possibly try some Pregnyl.

My endo reckons that depression can cause hypothyroidism & hypogonadism.

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Doctors record your symtpoms and treat the "most likely" cause. Sadly as long as they do that within a modicum of reason they are pretty much covered from being negligent.

The only way to be awarded compensation is to prove negligence.

Should he have thought about testing your hormone levels? Sure it would be good meausre for anyone, male or female to have their levels checked!  Now how many people do you know that have had that done? I would guess very few.

This is one of those wakeup calls to share and help educate others, as you have done.

I would guess less than half of people being treated for depression have had their thyroid levels checked and that is/should be a standard by now, but it isn't.

I agree with Greeny after such high doses of effexor it may be much better to eventually move over to prozac to help the withdrawal.

Also realize it is possible that you did have some true depression (associated or not) and to watch for rebound depression/anxiety after you are off all meds.

Best of Luck. Keep posting to let us know how things go for you.


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Hi toast-

it is weird that you were never give the huge amounts of blood work. every day it seems i'm vampirized again and having more readings of my blood counts.

i'd talk to a lawyer. it is so irresponsible to have you diagnosed and on meds if they're not treating hormonal issues first!

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I'm so happy for you Toast.  While I am a woman, I think I can understand how very VERY angry this would make a man. The onset of my MI has caused me to take drugs that hamper (or even destroy) my sex drive.  That is NOT normal and NOT good.  Sex is very important to me (and it seems, to you) and to be without it means to be without something good and enjoyable in our life.  And in this day and age, we need all of the enjoyable things we can get!  And (usually) it's free!  What could be better?  Thank goodness it's finally been figured out - but aint it sad that it took this long!

Loon-a-tik, you bring up a good point - and it makes me realize that even though I've been seeing my pdoc for five years - he has received blood work for me just once (recently). More and more evidence I guess of a reason to seek a second opinion.

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Before you do ANYTHING, take this step.

Request copies of your charts and office notes from all doctors involved.Yes, you'll probably have to pay. You might want to read them first (requires appt in most group practices) to see it it's worthwhile.

Don't indicate what the issue is or that anything is on your mind. If asked, you just want a comprehensive copy for your personal files.

I suspected, but my brother (op room nurse) confirmed from first hand observation that medical records are routinely changed after the fact. It's precisely to protect against lawsuits!

I had an operative report (anesthesiology specifically), changed. They had nearly killed me (as well as causing disfigurement - from the "masking" - by ignoring prevous explicit instructions about sensitivities!

This is the second time I've been lied to about an anesthesia reaction (that I KNOW about). What really sucks, is that without accurate information, I can't protect myself against recurrances in future surgery.

Good luck (if this is still an issue for you), You DO need to consult a lawyer to see it it's worthwhile too.

One problem is you need to attach a monetary value to your loss in most cases. Unless you lost employ as a male escort or porn star (or a wife wants to sue for "loss of consortium"! ), it might be hard.

Contrary to common perception, sueing for pain and suffering, isn't all that easy.

Lawyers are good at this as they care a lot too. These suits are taken "on contingency!". If you don't have a good case, they'll tell you to forget it right off the bat.


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Hi, toast...

Don't know if you are even still around? (Saw the date of the original post.) But noticed this was revived, and in case this info can help anyone else...

Did the doc who correctly dx'd you say if there was any underlying reason for the low testosterone?

I'm a woman, so don't have any direct experience with this myself. And I don't have any idea how common what I'm about to say is. However, a few years ago the docs thought I might have a tumor of the pituitary gland. Fortunately, I didn't.

At the time, I read a book by Ken Baker called Man Made: A Memoir of My Body as well as did a ton of research. Pituitary problems (not just tumor) can play all kinds of havoc with hormones and frequently get overlooked by the medical profession.

In Baker's case, it really messed up his male hormones. Tumor removed, new man.

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