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New to the Bipolar Tribe

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Umm, hi, so I finally found the right place to introduce myself, though I'm not too sure what to say...

I've been working with a wonderful tdoc for about three years off and on (off during Augusts, of course, and when she takes occasional sabbaticals - like now - she won't be back till October). We decided together that I needed the help of an AD, at least temporarily - I'd been med-free for several years after using Prozac for about three. Finally quit that when it stopped working so well and the side effects got to be more of a pain in the ass than it was worth.

So my GP prescribes Effexor - damn, I feel great! What the hell was I so depressed about? Life's a fucking miracle! I'm gonna go back to school, write my novel, do a triathalon, save the world...

Um, yeah. And I'm driving too fast, talking too fast, making mistakes at work, barely sleeping at all (two hours a night if I'm lucky.)

So I had the sense to get the hell off that and call my GP, who decides I should try Cymbalta. Well, I had one full night of sleep after a couple days off the Effexor and before starting the Cymbalta, which was a damn good thing, because the Cymbalta got me going all over again.

(And I felt SOOOO GOOD, I wouldn't have stopped it, except for the never sleeping part. And the fact that I was driving so fast, and so easily distracted, that I came very close to having an accident on my 40-minute commute to work. And my family and friends looking at me REALLY strange and wondering what the hell was the matter with me.)

Umm, so luckily, my GP is pretty well versed in mental health (don't really like that term but don't know what else to say) and agrees with me that the ADs are making me manic. (I don't think the dx was that difficult, given the state I was in, but I've had other GPs be completely skeptical and ignorant about mental health issues, so it was a relief.)

And looking back, I can pretty easily see that I've had other manic/hypomanic episodes. But the ADs brought it out in full, dramatic relief.

So I got a prescription for Lamictal and a referral to a pdoc (6/4 - apparently I'll just be seeing a NP for a med consult).

I was very glad to find this place because I just feel like I need to see and hear what other people have experienced...don't know that I have anything particular to contribute yet, but I'm enjoying reading others' posts. Thank you all so much for your knowledge, patience, humor. The Lamictal is changing the way I feel...a welcome antidepressant effect...not sure whether the kinda flattening out of the emotions in general is an improvement or not...we shall see. (I'm only on 50 mg daily at this point.)

On a personal note I work as a mental health counselor ;) (I know, it's not that unusual to have been on both sides of the system, but I still think it's funny). That pays the bills (kinda), I also write (fiction, creative non-fiction, have worked as a newspaper reporter and editor). I bake, I read, I love animals, nature, and the great outdoors, I'm a political junkie (in fact, just realized I'm missing the beginning of Countdown with Keith Olbermann), I'm working on getting more of a "personal life", am one of the caretakers for my Mom who has colon cancer. That and trying to sort out my "mentally interesting" self (as they say at CrazyMeds) has taken much of my time and energy the last few years.

OK...so I hope this isn't too long and rambly (but I guess it is - sorry, I'm still feeling kinda speedy, but much better than a week ago). Hi to everyone and thanks for being here.

Newbie question: If I wanna put a name or saying under my avatar, where/how do I do that? Thanks in advance.

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hey there zen,

welcome ;) I just joined a few months ago and this place has been so helpful to me, so I hope it will be for you also. I'm supposed to be working on one of my finals so I'm going to go, but I'll see you around the boards,


ps- hit 'my controls' at the top of your screen on the same line as your username, then hit 'edit personal profile' and you can enter a name and location, etc. there..also, hit 'edit signature' if you want to add something that will show up below each of your posts (a quote or two, brief information on you, etc., look at other people's to get a sense of what you'd want to include) hope that helps

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Thanks all for the welcome. I'll use the larger font from now on, sorry for any difficulty the little one caused. Thank you for the profile-editing info, and yes - I hope someday to finish my novel, manic or not. ;)

See you all around the boards.

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Hello and welcome to my world. Like you, flipped out by SSRIs and that was what led a smart GP to refer me. In hindsight, I was probably more psychotic before the SSRIs, but you only see that after the event. I love my Lamictal...

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