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For those of you who take Ambien/Stilnox (zolpidem tartrate)

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My doc won't give me Ambien because he says it makes you depressed which I already am. I still want to try it. If you've used Ambien did it make you more depressed when you took it and how common a side effect is that?

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I've taken Stilnox on and off for sleep issues but I think your doc might be right. It helped me sleep but it also left me feeling a bit down. Not as down as anti-histemines make me feel though, but still quite flat.

There has also been a lot of controversy regarding Stilnox and the mis-use of it leading to hallucinations and disturbing behaviour. Perhaps your doctor is concerned about it interacting with your other meds, or being something that you might get dependant on?

I don't know. I'd heed you doctor's advice for now.

I have found that enforced sleep-wake cycle has helped me, and making sleeping conditions absolutely tightly controlled, also helps. Beyond Blue (http://www.beyondblue.org/) have some good basic fact sheets about sleep related issues.

Good luck,


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