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Not Eating

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My problem is that I cannot seem to feed myself properly.  I know it affects my illness and know all the problems it can cause but I just can't seem to do it.  I live alone, and we all know it's the pits cooking for just one, but it's more like I just can't make the effort even if I've made the effort to get groceries (no car and grocery store too far for me to walk there and back).  I was always very skinny no matter how much I ate but of course with the meds I take (seroquel, depakote, celexa) I have packed on about 40 pounds and that is without eating well.  I basically exist on tea, cigarettes, microwave popcorn and bread to take meds with.  I am really surprised that I am still alive.

I guess what I'm wondering is, has anyone else had this problem and if so did you solve it?  Sulu

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Guest miche unlogged

hey guys, haven't been around in ages, been busy, but sulu i hope i can provide you with some solace

i lived on my own for a good 7 months and was in a very similar position

i could buy all the ingredients, but didn't want to cook

all i ate was junk

lived on coffee and cookies


i could have cooked real meals and gaind LESS weight

hopefully you can keep a few things in mind to help you:

1) eating less will SLOW your metabolism down

2) then your body is going to take whatever you eat and store store store it b/c it knows it will need it, since you never eat, instead of burning those calories without worry

3)carbs your worst choice - that bread has NO nutrition in it and since you are in starvation stage, when you start eating it your body is going to urge you to shove as much of it inside of you as it can get you too

for the worth of two slices of bread calories, you could eat a carrot and a breast of chicken with more nutrition , OR half a block of tofu, if you dont eat meat- since you are having trouble cooking, instant meals may be a TEMPORARY answer for you right now, at least until you can get yourself to exercising

exercising, even just a 20 min. walk a day, will send you down the right track, you'll be hungrier, your metabolism will be up.  this will help you justify one extra small meal a day, and then you can build on that


at just 75 calories a piece eggs are your best source of compliment protiens.

many ppl dont know that it often isn't the amount of protien you consume BUT the compliment of amino acids you consume

protiens are made of amino acids, and your body has a list of ESSENTIAL and non-ESSENTIAL amino acids, this means that it can not and can produce some amino acids from other amino acids, respectively

the compliment is the set of essential amino acids in a meal and eggs are your best choice!!! and easy to prepare, just two seconds on a nonstick frying pan

so next time you pic up that piece of bread trade it for an egg - the egg even has less calories or just about fifteen more calories than the average slice of bread.

AND if you're going to salt that egg up real good and do it three times a day, remember that all that salt will make you retain water and gain a little bit of weight, but hardly any

good luck to you

i know how hard it is on your own, which reminds me of one more thing

get out and spend time with people - probably the best thing

PEOPLE WHO DON'T SMOKE, spending time with ppl will keep you from binging and when they are ready to eat you'll be there, which will make sure you eat something too,  and if they are really good friends, maybe you can confide in them the trouble with eating you are having and they will cook a meal for you


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Guest Bloodberry (unsigned and unasham

About the bread:

If it's bread like the average loaf of white, it would have nutrients.  Most bread is nutrient fortified with enriched flour.  A lot of bread companies are shifting over to making whole grains a part of the recipe loaf. 

Carbs are not the enemy; just ask any dietician with some sense.  If it gets to where you don't want to eat anything, bread is better than nothing. 

On the other hand, I don't know if it's your meds or your current living situation or whatnot that's causing you to eat less.  If you put on weight, it's doubtful you're really starving yourself.  But you might be lacking things like calcium and iron. 

I find canned or frozen soups are good to keep on hand.  Also frozen vegetables or fruits you can freeze like grapes.  Yogurt in the fridge is good; it slides down easily.  And yes, eggs. 

Regular coping strategies: plan a menu for the day.  Think about what would taste good, or make you feel healthy.  Maybe invite someone over to make something and then send that person home with half the meal to share with their families and you keep half in small containers for freezing. 

Some people find keeping a good diary helps. 

Sometimes eating only means a few bites.  Take something you really like, like a piece of fruit.  Just appreciate the way it smells and feels, and how it tastes.  If you can't finish it, you can't.  You can save the rest in the freezer. 

Oh, and the freezer is my friend.  If you can't tell. 

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Bloodberry and Miche are right! I don't live alone, but I often don't want the dinner I make for my family, mostly because it is often a heavy pasta thing (that's waht my kids will eat). So it's a little like when I lived alone.

I never want to make two meals, so I eat quick things. Pre-washed salad. Fresh fruit. Yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna salad. Keep frozen strawberries around. Make a smoothie like Chuckit suggests. Banana, strawberries, yogurt and some ice come out great in the blender. Nuts are very nutritious. And yes, eggs are a perfect food providing lots of protein (your friend) and iron.

Good luck. Bread is fine, but not enough by itself.

Elaine, who also has a dicey appetite

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Thank you so much everyone for all of your useful ideas.  Now if I can just figure out a way to the grocery store I might be able to implement them.  Don't have a car and there are no buses, small town but it's definitely too far to walk right now. I'll call and see how much taxi costs there and back.  Thanks again for your encouraging ideas.  Sulu

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Ruins, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately in small town ontario we only have an IGA and they aren't on line. Good idea though. Sulu



Where in smalltown ontario do you reside? Grocery Gateway (look them up on google) delivers but I am not sure how far they go.

I hope you find a way to get food soon. It's essential for survival! (duh, lol)

Please eat, and eat well. You will probably notice an immediate change in the way you feel everyday. More energized, alert, happy, etc.

Food is good.

An apartment closer to food is also good. ;)

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Thanks echo, I live downtown but the grocery story is at the outskirts.  I used to have a car so it was never a problem.  I guess my problem at present is that i hate asking anyone to drive me anywhere, it always feels like they think it is such an imposition to help.  Bet if I had a heart condition things would be different.  Excuse my bitchiness this morning, didn't sleep well last night so I'm crabby. I am going into work today so maybe someone there will run me to the grocery store.  Thanks for caring, Sulu

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Guest Bloodberry (never signed in)

When someone does something like takes you to the grocery, it's easy to NOT be an imposition.  Invite them to help make dinner.  Or get something extra like cookie dough and make the cookies for the next day.  Even just a "thank you" card goes a long way. 

Make your grocery list, too, so you don't have to take up a lot of time. 

Also, don't pick up anything you're pretty sure you won't eat.  There's no good reason to stock up, say, on broccoli if you hate it so much you'd sooner go to the sun in a rocket made of aluminum foil.  Etc. 

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Guest miche unlogged again

just to add a note on not being an inconvenience, see if you can go with them when they are doing their grocery shopping too

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Angel, thanks for the info on IGA.  If I can get myself to care enough I'll call and see if mine has a delivery service.  No taxi in my town, have to call one about 20 miles away.  I am glad you have kids to keep you occupied, even though it can be tough sometimes it gives you a reason to live. Gotta go, can't stop crying.  Sulu

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Guest miche again

you can also look up a delivery service and see if they will deliver groceries

i'm not sure if they will, i suppose the grocery store would have to be willing to take an order and have it prepared for them

then you pay them, when they deliver and pay a fee for the delivery, what that would be i have no idea

give it a try

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I was always very skinny no matter how much I ate but of course with the meds I take (seroquel, depakote, celexa) I have packed on about 40 pounds and that is without eating well.  I basically exist on tea, cigarettes, microwave popcorn and bread to take meds with.  I am really surprised that I am still alive.

Words taken straight out of my mouth - to the last letter. Only, I'm taking Wellbutrin instead of Celexa. Celexa makes me manic. Eating seems to be simply an ordeal, let alone cooking or going to the grocery store. I'm quite underweight, and there are weird shapes in my eyes when I stand up after sitting down for a long time. Sometimes I feel nauseous, sometimes I don't - most often, when thinking of the food or seeing it, I do. I just can't... eat. It's as simple and as difficult as that. I really don't know what to do. From your meds, I assume you're BP? I'm BPII myself.

Is it anorexia, even? As far as I know, anorexia does not necessarily include distorted self-image; it simply describes not eating, period (i.e. no matter if you think you're fat, or not - I know I sure as hell don't think I'm fat)... I don't know. When I told my pdoc about it, he said, "take vitamin B complex... for appetite."

Thanks, pdoc.

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Since I first posted I guess, I have started WellbutrinSR 300MG a day.  Still take 10 mg of Celexa until I find out how the Wellbutrin is going to affect me.  I am BPII as well and doctors never seem concerned when I tell them I don't eat.  Shit, that is one of my biggest problems, how can I get well or expect meds to do their job if I'm starving myself.  I know Wellbutrin is supposed to cut down your appetite but I have been like this forever.  Oh and I am smoking more than ever!  Wah, wah, wah!  Thing is if there is food readily available, say at sister's or friend's house and it is offered I will eat.  Maybe I have just been unwell for so long that I have become utterly lazy.  Half the time I feel like dying anyway so maybe subconciously I am trying to starve to death.  Ha, Ha.

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I hardly cook at all these days, but my diet is not too bad except when I eat to much or succumb to a Snickers bar. I don't have to be very organized about it. I'll admit I go to the store every two or three days to get fresh things.


cereal, milk (no OJ as I want my Adderall to work)

biggest meal:

-from salad bar in supermarket: my choice of salad stuff including greens, canteloupe, pineapple, melon, strawberry, watermelon, peppers, onions, bean sprouts, and enough grilled chicken to provide protein. Often eaten right outside the store.

-along with that, typically a bagel, roll or whatever.

this salad will keep a couple of days in fridge. Much better than having to buy and chop up all that stuff, but I admit it's not terribly cheap.

other meal:

-pbj with whole wheat and natural peanut butter, or no fat hotdog zapped with slice of bread for a bun

snacks, etc:

an apple and a banana daily

grapes, raisins, walnuts, orange juice, etc.

Sometimes a can of sardines when they're cheap. Supposed to be good for all sorts of things, including most of my health problems.

This is not very hard to do, except for the bit about spending a few minutes in the store often. The salad with a lot of fruit in it is tasty, and the chicken is not very expensive.

Try to have a balance between protein, fat, and carbs. You'll probably feel a little better if you do. Also, if eating a bunch of bulky stuff like lettuce or celery, you'll probably eat less junk.

How far is too far to walk? You probably need exercise. If it's really too far to walk, old bikes can be very cheap, especially on trash day. Just make sure the brakes work. I realize this isn't a solution when it snows. I also realize it's not easy to do either one of these things, but getting out of the house really can make you feel quite a bit better, if you're up to it.

Hoping you'll feel better soon.

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Thanks everyone for your supportive replies.  Right now I can barely make it up and down to my second floor apartment, so walking over a mile is out.  I am feeling sorry for myself because I no longer have a car.  When I did, I at least was able to buy fresh produce and meat. I think fresh fruit is the thing I miss most. Oh well maybe one day my ship will come in. Sucky Sulu

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