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i know your frustration about not having a waist. my measurements are 32-28-34!!! that 28 sucks! i try to slim it down, but it is impossible with my frame i think.

so, the lipo comes in. i'd love to have it, but i can't afford it, so i have to settle for waist exercises (which don't work).

my cousin had cosmetic surgery, a boob job. she went up from being an A to a D!!! huge jump! but she's fine. it took her a couple of weeks to feel better, and after that it was smooth sailing.

yes, there are risks to lipo. as i said, i just would like to have it and haven't, and my cousin had surgery (but a different kind obviuosly), so i saw her go through it and have an idea of what it must be like to get well. she just felt like crap and her boobs hurt obviously. she said it hurt like hell. she has 2 kids and said that her early contractions were probably on par with the boob pain! ouch!

i don't suspect that it would be so bad with lipo, unless you're lipo-ing a large amount of area or several areas, then i suspect it would be worse.


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I did it and I have to say it's NOT an easy way out. Yes my pregnant belly is gone, but 7 days later I am still in severe pain and bruised from my boobs to my pelvis. I think recovery is looking like it will be at least a month before I am back to doing normal things. They sucked 4.5 litres of fat off my Seroquel belly. That's all I had done. I'm not sure it was worth the PO suffering.

When this is over I am getting a personal trainer.

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It took about 2-3 weeks for the pain to subside and now I just love the results. I am still a heavy person, 5'2" but 10 lbs lighter with a flat tummy. It WAS worth it to me. When I am healed a bit more and get back to my exercise if I can lose another 20 pounds I will still be over weight but back in a reasonable zone, short term goals, you know? It's best to wait about a month before doing any heavy training so for now I am just walking and watching what I eat.

I plan to get a personal trainer at the 3 month point and work with free weights under supervision. For now, just easy cardio so I don't hurt myself.

Yay for liposuction!!!

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