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Ok does anyone else take seroquel ALL DAY? I have out of this world panic attacks...and all of a sudden I can cycle into a full blown mania in just a few hours...so my pdoc and pysch nurse decided I need to take seroquel all day. wtf. as in 50mg in the morning 50 at lunch 50 in the afternoon and 300 at bedtime. I used to have a personality, not anymore. Once I get over the feeling of total helpness it gives me for about an hour I am calm. too calm to get upset. but I have constant brain farts too. I can't remember anything. I run into every door facing that I encounter. I don't know if i'm coming or going. I can't cook, read, or socialize. but as my pdoc says it, i'm calm. wtf. the side effects kinda outweigh the benefits huh. Does anybody else have to take it like this? how does it make you feel? will it go away? wtf. i've been doing this for about a week. i'm ready to tell the pdoc to kick rocks. I feel like my head is in the spin cycle.


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