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My Crappy Life!


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I am so frustrated with my friends, and people in general, right now! I am going to rant about it here - because my journal is read by "friends" and I just can't deal with them right now. Feel free to comment or not, but please remember this is not an attack in general, it is aimed specifically at the douche bags in my crappy life.

Mothers & Monsters.

Best Chick friend and her husband just had their second child. I am trying to be happy for them but THEY BORE ME TO TEARS!! I don't mean to be selfish, but children ad nauseum, people! For once, I'd like to meet a parent who still had a brain. Allllllllll of the parents I dealt with at Parent-Teacher night this year, were frustratingly a)ignorant, or b) dumb. Gah.

And now my Best Chick Friend has turned into this child-bearing-zombie whose topics of conversation do not exceed the scope of birth/baby/breast feeding/other kid/husband. It upsets me because the thought of hanging out with her now is so tiring that I can't deal with it. I feel so lonely and friendless.

Our other good friends just had their first child. Second verse, same as the first...

Judgemental School Jerks

Add to this Absent-Friend-Business, the re-emergance of HIGH SCHOOL people, attempting to organise a re-union.

Do I look like I give a fuck about people I went to school with a decade ago?! Helllloooooo! If there was any kind of connection there don't you think we'd still be friends?

Also, mocking me for my polite, "I'm too busy with work to be on your committee"-reply, with a scoffing, "Busy with work! I have a kid, husband and a job and I'm doing it" just made me hate you even more, you dumb fuckers.

If you knew anything about me, you'd know that asking me to do this is just unreasonable and that I am highly medicated and volitile and I fucking celebrate if I can manage to get up and function for an entire day! So don't ask me to be part of your little re-union project. I didn't like you at school, and I don't like you now.

Also, just because you gave birth to some fucking little monster, and feel some gross-desire to re-live the old times from the school yard, doesn't a) make you better than me - I am happy with my life choices and I don't feel the need to step back ten years and hang out with people from school, and b) make me obliged to be nice to you.

Get fucked! Leave me alone!


This afternoon's conversations with Best Chick Friend and Retarded Re-Union People has left me all stressed-out-anxious and depressed ina low, low kind of way. I am sorry to dump this here Crazyboarders - I just need a friend right now is all.

Bernard ;)

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Hi Bern:

What you write about high school reunions is the exact same way I felt. (mine was a few years ago and i did not attend). i really didnt want to see those people.

as for the friends with children - well, being pregnant makes some people stupid - including me. my brain all fuzzy and not clear most of the time. but i do like to talk about other things than just pregnancy. (i do, i really do!!!) talk about movies, tv, and every once in a while when im really smart - politics.

i hope you are having/had a nice weekend.



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